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Wow, that liberal media is sure having a time trying their best to find all the ‘bad’ stuff that happened at the trucker protest. Would have been much easier for the media and ole trudes to vilify and nullify the whole event if they were just bad apples and they could create an us against them. I guess Canada doesn’t cult as easily as ‘merica.

But the worst didn’t happen, of course and obvs bad evil yuck stuff happened. Did anyone think the whole thing would just be love and sunshine? But the ‘mainstream media’ are trying everything in their reporting power to  prove how ‘fringe’ and ‘unacceptable’ these protesters are. Of course some are, but the group on the whole didn’t prove as ‘terrible’ as the media seemed to want them to be. There is still time I guess. Must just be just those ANTIFA bad actors!!

It is fascinating to watch. If you were ever wanting to see media bias clear as day, they are currently putting it on full display!

Also, I recognize all those peoples ignorance around their own colonial racism in myself. Before I dismantled I was kinda like them. I don’t feel that Canadians have ever had any real, non heavily biased, education about our own colonial Canadian racism and what it looks like or means in this country. I didn’t even hear the term residential schools until I was well out of high school and I thought I had a really good social studies teacher. We haven’t had it so in our face as they have in ‘merica. Our treatment of the indigenous is much darker and more insidious. It’s hard to know what you don’t know, and if you never bother to look, because it’s painful or difficult, or you have no idea where or what to look for, or that you even need to be looking, then you just keep thinking you are right without really realizing what you don’t know. Ya know?!  But then once you dismantle and realize what you didn’t know, you can never un-know and it doesn’t make anything any easier.

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What did you notice about the protest?!

What a time to be alive!!

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