When one is picking up their life of 25 years and moving to a new location for more than just a few weeks or a month stay I would imagine where ever you went it would take a certain amount of adjusting.

I know there is no exact date or deadline to when a feeling of grounded normalcy will return, but I am just so curious if it will even happen!! Will it? Ever? Is that ok?

Especially being in a completely new environment and culture and climate.

The idea of snow-birding is so glamourized especially in Canada. The desire to leave the cold hard winter behind and go somewhere warm and tropical can be a beautiful fantasy.

I am here because of (partially) that beautiful fantasy that is now reality for me..

As I sit here and write this I feel perpetually damp and my ankles have a slight burny feeling from no seeum bites, to which I am using a cocktail of fresh aloe, of which there is an abundance all around, and some coconut oil. A goopy but natural repellent that works just ok.

I feel groggy dealing with the time change and the heat.

I am trying to listen and then use any of the Spanish I have learned on the dingy lingy (doulingo). But oof, it is not easy!

At the same time I have wept who knows how many times a day, about missing my son, or how delicious something is, or how nice people are, or how I am warm, or the pink tropical sunset, or just the deep gratitude for being here and being able to be here and to have this opportunity. It is amazing and a lot.

I knew the settling in would take a moment. We are being gentle with ourselves and not pushing it to hard. Like, and I know this seems cray, but we haven’t had a full beach day yet.

The whole experience is different from when you are on holidays for few weeks.

When you are briefly visiting a place and you have your own home to return to, it feels different. So when you feel sticky, you enjoy it because you know it won’t be forever. You can go hard and take in the beach and the sun and the food because you know it will only be for so long and you want to get all you can out of your vacation.

But planning on being here for months, like almost 5….whelp its a whole different feeling.

I do wonder how all of it will grow and evolve, how I will grow and evolve. If it will all start to feel more ‘normal’. If I will start to feel more ‘normal’ and sink into the place and the routines? Or will I always feel like I am thawing and somewhat disoriented?

Also probably bound to get some sort of traveler G.I. fun at some point….

I’m going to keep it real here for ya’ll though.

Sure my pics on the gram have been more “00000hhh ahhhhh” than “ewwwww ohhhh” but I am not going to gloss over and just pretend “everything is going so well” if its not.

I mean on one hand it is. And on the other I still feel like wtf is happening even? Who am I? How did I get here? Is this really what I want? Also what am I doing here?

I guess that is part of the being patient part.

Today they start the celebrations for Dia De Muertes. It looks amazing.

Danke so mucho for hitting those extra clicks to be here!

I appreciate you more than ole zuck do.

Lady Beastie

P.S. I am full on back on the gram….sigh….until there is a better A.I. platform that could be run by better people. Lets all keep hoping that will happen soon. Remember Myspace? Things can come and go, we don’t have to just use the box and the gram forever. Hopefully soon some one better will do better.

Anyhooo I am posting lots of pic there on the reg.

P.P.S. Did you check out that last Golden Heron? So So good!!