Watching Will and Kate parade around like some big smiling colonizers is unbearable to comprehend in this day and age. I mean, I was out on them when they decided it was ok to have 3 kids, knowing as they certainly should, about the globes population issues. It showed their selfish richness, privilege and ignorance.

This current colonizer reminder trip is frankly hideous, and it is hard to image most of the world is not watching it in this way. If they were the people they claimed to be they would be there asking the countries like Belize if they still want to be colonized by ole Queeny or if it is time to give up the ghost and let them be their own nation again. Would they not? Should they not?

Kate looks like a completely brainwashed skeletal version of herself, completely unaware of the disgusting display of white supremacy, colonization, and royal BS she is poncy poncy-ing about with. As her smile grows so does my repulsion.

I would hope these are some of the morals, standards and duties that had Harry and Meghan fleeing from the palace, as perhaps they have a small understanding of how fucked up it all is.

In this day and age? Seriously?! Still using the same fascistic programming they have for hundreds of years. Where they send their royals down to their colonized land to show the people there how wonderful it is to be colonized by such white beautiful people?!! What crazy ignorance and self righteousness. It’s pretty flabbergasting really. I guess they are making a point that they (ole Queeny) don’t want the other nations they colonized getting the same idea as Barbados. Is that not what this current colonizer crusade is all about?!

The media is giving very ‘neutral’ reporting on this story.  Jamaica is not playing and they are standing up for themselves asking for reparations and very aware of the colonizing attitude! Go Jamaica!!

I also do hope I’m not only one of the few who sees it this way……other than the protesters who understand what’s up……that would be really fucking sad….feels that way though…..sigh

What are your thoughts on the royal tour? Were you charmed by Kates fashions or…..

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PS The Golden Heron really hit the nail on the head with their latest article about CPRail. Gosh it has been nice not hearing those horns rumble through town for the last couple of days.