I am still feeling a lot of things given the recent events. Remember how the socials reacted during the tragedies at the beginning of the ‘demic. Where are the uprisings, the marches, the protests, the fits of rage? Is this really how society feels about children? Where is all the continued and sustained outcry on the socials? (Yes, I am off the socials but I do insta still every now and then to post and I very much noticed the lack of any of it today.) I am beyond perplexed and saddened by the lack of it all…..I guess life carries on?!

So here I go carrying on with it, I feel like I am going to give this a bit of hype, then give it more when it feels like more of a celebration to do so. (In theses current times when will that be?!)

Whelp I have teased and hinted and previewed for a while now and the day has finally arrived!

Here is the link to the short movie I had a chance to co-produce and co-direct!

Perhaps grab a tissue and enjoy!

It was a really fabulous experience with a group of exceptional humans.

I am so proud and grateful to have had such an amazing, lasting and beautiful experience!

Thank you so mucho to Jeremy et al. involved!

What a time to be alive.

Danke for being here and all your clicking support!


#forstmedia #thefirstdance #grateful