The Beastly BC government welcomed a socially conservative right-wing party into the Leg this week for the first time in decades since the Vanderzany era, and Premier Dweeby and his supposedly progressive leftist kool-aid drinking cult fell right into the rat-trap that the Konservative Party’s leader, John “the Rat” Rustad set for them on his first day. Triggering the liberals is a libertarians’ favorite pastime, and the Rat picked the number one category which he knew would fire up the Nu-Dippers more than anything else to discuss in his opening gambit as the leader of an official opposition party.

A christo-fascist authoritarian’s main goal along with provoking the libs is to attack the most vulnerable populations of a populace by employing the DARVO tactic of Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender in order to portray themselves and their white male power majority as the privileged misogynists who are being harmed by the persecuted and disenfranchised among us. As soon as the Rat, who ratted on the Falconer and left the B-Cups behind for Pepe LePoilievre’s Kalgary Konservative Klub, brought up the purposefully volatile subject of trans rights in public-purse schools, the Premier Dweeb and his centrist minions leapt at the opportunity to engage in an escalating standing ovation for their Dear Leader that bordered on the absurd. What Dweeb and his manservants and yes-women don’t seem to understand is that the Republicanazis and all the Fuhrer Drumpf supporters in Canamerica use the fascistic playbook of distracting the appeasing so-called progressives with the culture war issues of the perpetual day, so that they can win-over the racist tyrannical voters who are willing to sacrifice our multiracial democracy in favour of creating the imperial WASP confederacy of their nightmarish dreams.

While the Nutty Downplayers of Brutish Colonia lose green voters on their own side by pretending to care about old-growth forests, and our MIA MLA placates tree-huggers by telling them to be “rest assured” that they won’t destroy any more ancient woods when they are truly representatives of big-business industry that horrifically undervalue plants who bring us life, the social konservatives are recruiting all the homophobes, bigots & discriminators under their white supremacist tent who are appalled by the Premier Dweebs’ support of bathrooms in schools for diverse genders, etc. Obviously, the NDPeeps would say that they don’t want those types of “deplorables” while shaming them in various childish ways, but what the Orange Crush don’t understand is by clutching their pearls and attempting to silence and censor their wrongheaded critics and opponents, they’re only feeding the fossil-fuel fires of the neo-fascist movement who want to roll coal in their rulers’ climate-change obsessed faces.

When the regressive left-wing centrists act like the godheads and authoritarians that the tighty-whitie righties accuse them of being, we end up in a dire situation wherein no-one in a position of colonial power is representing true democratic values of inclusivity and openness for all forms of legal free speech, even if we don’t agree with their red-state takes. For instance, the Business Bozo beloved by the oligarchic wannabes in the Crypt of Commerce wrote his weekly column that acted like it was supportive of the Sinixt’s cause in this area, alongside an article about how the Sinixt were excluded from the Columbus Basin Distrust compensation funds, but in reality we should still want to hear how the Biz Buzzkill endorsed all the usual anti-Autonomous Sinixt positions preferred by the local sociopolitical constabulary, so that we’ll know how far they and their uncivil traitors defiantly stand on the wrong side of herstory.

If someone like Premier Dweeby doesn’t agree with pseudo-cultural propaganda like the scrawlings of the Dark Star’s designated yes-man, he would squash the Boz and his views just like they denigrated the Rusty Rat’s opinions, which are shared by hundreds of thousands of Brutish Colonials like him. What faux lefty censors like the Premier Dweeb and King Trudy the Second need to do is keep giving Republicanazi Rats like Pierre LePue the verbal airspace to hang themselves with the rope of their own sadistic hatreds, instead of trying to suppress their flames of misguided outrage by acting like the dictatorial buffoons they’re accused of being, who are too dumb to respect the deviousness and righteous determination of their dangerous up-and-coming rivals.