Have you packed up your life for a new adventure?

Not just a little time here or there but really embarking on something new?

I feel like in my younger years that was a thing, pack up from your childhood home to perhaps go to school, once finished school pack up and move on somewhere else.

However I have currently been living in the same house for 24 ish years!! That is a long time!

I love our house, it holds all the memories of all the things.

Our bedroom is big and bright and has a great view and it is amazing. Not sure I will find a better bedroom.

But life changes, and that is a good thing. I think it is good for our brains to have to be in new situations, doing new things, making new choices, waking it up from the easy lull it has fallen into.

So here I am packing up my life. My stuff. Having another Marie Kondo moment. Does all this stuff I own really still spark joy? Do I really need all this stuff? Why do we have so much stuff?!!

2 weeks until we fly off to the south for the winter in search of newness and opportunities. A moment to expand and explore.

I am all the feelings at once about it all.

Most of all grateful, to even be able to have this opportunity. It is a lot and it is amazing! And I watched a bit of a show about these men who work in the limestone mines in Saudi Arabia and it was a good reminder of my extreme privilege and that sure I can have anxiety but in the grand scheme of life, I am so blessed.

While I still find it challenging to really be open and vulnerable on the webspace, I do enjoy sharing these experiences with you. Even I am curious of what kind of travel blog this may morph into for a time….!?

Yes all of this is a lot. Yes I have fear. Yes I have excitement. But the most important thing is to feel all the things and keep doing the things. Obvs if the universe is all up in your business and seeming to block what you are up to then perhaps a re-evaluation of the path forward may want to be considered. Currently like my own anxiapoos, the flow is moving and so I am moving with it. Even if the current feels a bit fast and I’m not sure of the destination.

I’m curious too! Danke for being here for the ride!!

Lady Beastie