Is insulting your voters publicly in the mainstream media a good strategy to win an election? Youʼve got a bunch (around 40%!) of entitled citizens from a certain privileged demographic who are steadfastly refusing to get vaccinated while cheering on their social media echo-chamber fan club with virtual high-fives and constitutional challenges as if they were the first people to ever think of the idea, and you think you can reach them to change their minds by calling them selfish and unacceptable while questioning their mental-health choices? 

Even if Mayor Ghoulieʼs cynical opinion is aligned with the majority of our region about how this stubborn minority of his voters (with their self-described legal right to not protect themselves from viral harm of all kinds) are dead wrong, is berating these vocal resisters in the daily news going to solve your problem and get them vaccinated pronto as you say you want them to do? Is hostile coercion still the way to get things done in Ghoulie-world these days? We get that you see vaccine passports and harsher restrictions as the apparent way to keep our community safe, but whatʼs to stop these vaccine dissenters from avoiding all public places via an orchestrated boycott of your municipalityʼs indoor spaces? In turn, they can hide in their houses and infect each other, or frequent those rebel businesses who won’t enforce the toothless vaccine mandate. Is that you want, big guy? Plenty of doctors and health authorities are urging pro-vaxxers to take it easy on anti-vaxxers by asking them questions around their concerns while listening to their answers, but does Ghoulie listen to any of this advice? For a daft codger stuck in the twentieth century, the answer to all problems that plague him is to shout louder than everyone else and insult all naysayers on any outlet that will quote him in a paper or website. 

Regarding his predicted 2022 reelection campaign strategy, Old Man Ghouls ironically now has a ton of voters who may agree with his well-publicized stance against our alt-left and alt-right vaccine-averse citizens who will still never vote for him and never have. Heʼs also probably lost a solid chunk of his right-wing conservative voters who hate the mask and the vax, which heʼs now become the belated champion of once he finally realized which way the economic and political winds are blowing. So where has he gained support? Are there really people in this pro-vax majority who will switch their vote to him in spite of his masking flip-flops and fascistic bullying amid business failures and tourism devastation on his so-called financially savvy watch? Heʼs worried about what outsiders will think about his cityʼs high case-count and low vax-rate, as well he should be! This divisive summer of toxic smoke and premature (mask) relaxations has sucked for the Corporation of the City of Nelsonʼs brand! Between his Touchstone Museumʼs disrespect of the Autonomous Sinixt, the collapse of the cityʼs critical live arts industry, the current banishment of tourists from our health region, and proven climate-change caused wildfire devastations, thereʼs never been a worse time for Team Nelsonia! 

Major Ghoulieʼs the king of a racist CoN that worships Canadian Pacific Rail through a sanctified monument to their militarism in his tourist castle which even has a shiny sign with their colonial brand on its whitewashed walls, and heʼs trying to win over our voters who know that CPR and their train clan brothers caused the Lytton-killing fire by pretty well all accounts except theirs? Which side are you on, you corporate-backing blue-collar tyrant who slanders your own anti-vax voters? Weʼre getting confused about what your personal plan is to get us out of this mess, other than selling your own citizens down the river. Is criticizing everyone who disagrees with your tardy position on whatever is most popular to your business buds the way to free us from this never-ending cycle of failed reopenings and botched hesitant closures? How far can one con-man go as a Mayor for far too long who dislikes most of his citizens while rewarding his elite back-room bozos with “shovel-ready” taxpayer-funded handouts in a time of ethical need to be kind to everyone when in a position of power; even if they make you mad, and donʼt do what you want when you tell them? Tune in next year to the Ghoulie Show to find out! Will he run for reelection yet again despite all evidence indicating he should retire, or will he finally slink away in shame like so many wish he would with a reborn understanding that sticks and stones will never help your people heal. 

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