So a while ago at the start of this whole pandemic situation one of the main reasons all the doctor people and who’s who of who was in the know were freaking the fuck out about it was because the disease can spread from people who are asymptomatic!

Remember that?! The whole part of the reason this disease is so scary and crazy is because you can carry it and have no symptoms and still pass it to other people, and you may never get sick or have symptoms or realize that you passed it to someone, who then for whatever reason gets real sick and they die.

Remember that whole part of this thing? I feel like it’s a forgotten factor that everything is done talking about and everyone is forgetting about. It’s kinda been the biggest factor in this whole thing, has it not? This whole mess is never going to end if we don’t remember that key fact and really take in what it means in terms of how we live our lives. This next bit of time before we start to see all the kids get sick because people are forgetting about the asymptomatic part and what it means to the choices we make.

Here’s the other thing to remember, vaccinations do not change that. You can be vaccinated, asymptomatic and still be carrying the disease and still pass it along and somebody can still do that to you too. Vaccinations are not the be all and end all. They help protect us from serious disease and hospitalization. They don’t stop you from catching it, becoming a breakthrough case or an ignored and never talked about long hauler or an asymptomatic super spreader.

Remember when it was about taking care of each other and not about all this super selfishness?

Let’s remind ourselves and each other about the asymptomatic part of this situation, nobody else seems to want to remind us, so let’s do it for each other shall we?

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P.S. The photo is from last summer!