Welcome Back to the site!

I am saying that to myself as much as anything.

Been a hot minute.

Took a little moment off over the holidays. That is what they are for right?! To holiday!?

For those looking for a little schadenfraude in that I am currently wintering in Mexico, and if I were not me doing what I’m doing and looking from the outside in I would definitely want to do what I am doing!

Anyhoo we lost our covirginity over the holidays….Not something we were looking to do. So we had a very covid Christmas.

Gosh we had gone so long and tried so hard not to get it…I think it was one of those big outside festivities I posted photos on the insta about. We never went inside anywhere so it does prove you can get it outside. Feeling a wee gun shy about those events and will mask up when we go again…

So our plans of getting a cake and hanging out with a friend from Nelson and our lovely Swedish neighbour were dashed. Instead we isolated ourselves. Luckily we weren’t too sick, but also it has been hanging on a bit.

In a way loosing our covirginity takes the pressure off of the where and when will I potentially inevitably get it. Still didn’t want it though.

Anyhoooo, we are moved into our new Air Bnb, which should be great, in that it has a view and a pool and it is in a great neighbourhood, however there is a new oxo that just opened across the street and instead of waiting till they had power to stock up and open, they are running a generator, 24 hours a day, and it’s not the quietest….There does always seem to be some give and take.

On the plus side our hosts are really nice and they have a very fancy place in Ixtapa, which we haven’t been to yet and if it is not silenced by Saturday we are going to head there for a couple of weeks to stay in their very fancy place. Like I said give and take.

If you didn’t have a bit of struggle to go with the good would the good feel as good or would it just feel basic?

Everyone is all eloquent with their 2023 goals and plans and wisdom and I am just over here with a good luck with that to myself and everybody.

Yeah, I’ve got more to say about the future and what nots but it’s time to escape the geny noise and head to the beach.

Now that I’ve said it a few times, give and take seems like an odd saying. Sayings are odd. I think you get my drift. If not, well, give and take. Does that work there in that context?

Welp whatever….to the beach!

Also thank you for checking out the site and returning for more and for your support. I am so darn curious what 2023 will bring and I hope you take some time off the socials to keep following along here!

Sign up for those weekly emails if you haven’t so you don’t miss a beat and don’t be scared to leave a comment on the site! They are so appreciated and all the other readers love to hear from you too!

Oh and The Golden Heron is still sharing all their awesomeness here in 2023. Very thankful for their smart, inspired, interesting and insightful contributions!

Danke so mucho for being here!

Lady Beastie