Hihi, how’s going?

Summer treating you well so far?

I have less panic over being warm this year as I don’t plan on surviving a canadian winter.

I am one of the few that enjoys the heat, and really we only have a meagre two months, if that, of any kind of warmth. Just not enough for this gal!

These vlogs still feel like tiny miracles when I get them up. Certainly getting better at it all, but now just really behind!

So I’m still walking up the hill in this one, and it is full of improv songs (some very catchy I might add!) and walking wisdoms.


Hope you get a chance to check it out!

My vlogs are now easier to find, so you never miss one, as they have there own area!

More site upgrades coming soon! Keep your eyes open for that goodness!

Danke for your clicking support and for being here,


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