Hihi, anyone out there Met Gala last night?! No? Me neither! Well not in person….

I did watch some stuff and check out some photos….

AAAAnnnnnddd the paradox. On one hand the fashion and the glamour is amazing! Amazing! Some of the most beautiful and daring designs you are going to see. AAAAnnnddd on the other the insane parade of wealth and privilege is also amazing. amazing.

Blake Livelys transformation moment was stunning! Beautiful! To Billie E. for choosing to up-cycle fabrics and wear vegan leather, we thank you for always using these opportunities to make a statement. There were other wow moments too. On many levels.

And while I agree with celebrating art for arts sake and fashion certainly is art, the wealth and poncy ponce is also… kinda… out of control…

Also looking at the photos is one thing, but to get the true experience of weirdness you would need to watch some of the live footage. Assuming you haven’t already…!

Seeing how the celebs have to manage their often difficult to wear fashions adds this surreal humour and human-ness to it all. (Also watching the handler people run around directing everyone where to go was one of the best parts!) To see the celebs yank and tug and reorganize themselves (often with help, sometimes two people) for a photo is quite something. The moments are not as flawless and easy as the photos present!

Like Gigi H. in her massive coat that looked like she could hardly drag it around because it was so heavy, was funny. Not sure it was meant to be, but it was!

And yes the Kim K. moment in the Marilyn dress. For sure it was something to see the dress being worn in real life, (what a dress OMJ, other than the mobility situation, what a dress!!) but also how actually glamorous are you when you can barely walk and look ridiculous going up stairs, ridiculous trying to move in any way really! Also def jam toxic to go to the lengths she did to fit into the dress. #foodoverfashion

To me there is something hawt about being ready for anything that happens. Like what if all of a sudden there is a mass alien invasion?! Or an earthquake or something else extreme. Is that the dress you want to be caught wearing?! At least something like Dakota J’s sheer jumpsuit you could get a run on, and she even had her drapey robe moment that could be used for warmth when needed!! Practical hawtness.

The main whole jam of weirdness that was beyond fascinating to watch was how much they all feel themselves when they are posing in front of the cameras. I’ve seen this, I guess I just forget the extremeness of it, and at the Met it is at it’s most extreme. It is like some sort of weird dance they all do. It definitely looks like not only do they practice looking at themselves and feeling themselves often in the mirror, but it also looks like they all have some sort of choreographed dance they are performing. All the little dances are different, but they all have one! It’s so freaking weird!

I like to think about if I was actually in that situation, would I participate in the odd choreography, for the sake of the photo and to honour the designer I was wearing? With my own paradox it would probably either be me being beyond shy, so much so that I would just have focus on breathing and not having the most anxiety, but probably I would be the weirdest. I would probably feel the need for comedy. I’m not sure I could ever feel myself as hard as they were all feeling themselves!! Could you? Do you know what I’m saying about the feeling of oneself?!

Then it is odd who and what the press decide to show and not show. I caught a glimpse while watching of this bright pink sparkle blazer legging shoe moment, that I still have not seen a photo of?! The ‘star’ is just not noteworthy enough I guess?! C’mon, more photos are better for everyone and all your clicks are they not? Why leave people out?

Anyhoooo, the sun is shining again and it is supposed to get sunscreen warm today, so even though I am not sticking around and being beholden to my garden this summer, I just love to play in it and so I will. There is something so relaxing and calming and healing about yanking weeds and planting new seeds. On all kinds of levels!! I’m excited for that blue sky and bursting green day to play in. Hope you get a bit of that relaxing, calming and healing rejuvenation where ever you are!

Still feeling all the love and gratitude from this weekends Storytime With Lady Beastie live show at the For-rest retreat. Mucho Danke again to everyone who came out! Performing is fun for sure! I guess I was definitely feeling myself!!

The forecasted rain this week will help me get those vlogs edited!

Danke for being here,


#forstmedia #metgala #feelyourself #readyforanything

P.S. um, are you catching the wife of WTF coming form the U.S. of A. OMJ FFS WTAF AHHHHHHHHHHHHH