It’s been confirmed that at least ten elected officials in kowtowing Canamerica were on the payroll of XXXi’s dictatorship during the last election, and unlike in the independent Disunited States where they outed Paul Manafart and jailed him for taking money from Turkey’s latest strongman in the Drumpf 2016 gong-show, the unaccountable King Trudy the Second of the Illiberal Party is so far refusing to release the identities of the foreign agents who are still working today and cashing public cheques in the legislative bodies of arguably the most colonial country in the world.

The smug scion of the first King Trudy who unaccountably perpetuated the residential school crisis for decades has the audacity to lecture XXXi about being “accountable” and “transparent” to all Canucks while hiding the names from his voters of those crooks who decided to value their bank accounts over the well-being of this mostly oblivious nation. Future PM Pepe LePue apparently also knows who the covert spies are that worked against our national democratic interests, but even he won’t spill the Chinese beans, despite calling for an investigation into the matter which may or may not reveal anything to voters of the Maple Syrup Republic. Who knows, one of the communist-aiding politicians may even be Pierre Junior himself, for all we plebeians know.

Bogus lawbreaking cops in Yankeeland are often fired for their recorded acts of racism and violence, while here in Brutish Colonia, Chief Puppetmaster of the Vancougar PD can literally claim that he is accountable to no-one but himself, and astoundingly there seems to be no politico nor any entity that is willing or able to contradict his tinpot despot decrees, no matter how many Indigenous grandfathers and granddaughters his unapologetic minions decide to handcuff for trying to open a bank account with their status cards — which reportedly cause First Nations folks to experience systemic discrimination from bureaucratic clerks who don’t have a social conscience of their own. What kind of so-called democratic country allows a taxpayer-paid pigheaded Chief Pig to say “I don’t report to any politician. I don’t report to the city of Vancouver, I don’t report to the province of B.C. or the federal government. To me, the government of the day doesn’t matter, I’ll just call it how it is and be quite frank about it” and get away with it scot-free? If that doesn’t sound like a tyrannical authoritarian mob boss, what does?

We Canamericans have a paramilitary national police force that has never had to detach itself from its historical atrocities as an unaccountably violent enterprise designed and trained to harm the original inhabitants of this stolen land. We put up with unaccountable Crown-servant keystone train cops who can investigate their own international company run by U.S.-Army brats without any substantial oversight from our corrupt political overseers. Those batty colonial overlords across the pond pass the baton to King Chuck the Cuckolder without a moment of self-reflection, and weak-kneed Canamericans bow down to kiss the ring before we can even print up our new money with his ruddy inbred face on it. Krazy Kanuckistan worships aggressive NATO at its non-peaceful Remembrance Day ceremonies to honour blood sacrifices in the name of the Crown Cult, while it flies up the flag of a semi-democratic non-NATO country halfway across the world without considering the nuclear winter consequences that may result from its unabashed warmongering. Despite being a haven for Doukhobor-expats back in the day, for instance, the God-fearing WASPS at Nelsonia’s cenotaph religious service looked they would have killed a Russki barehanded if one had wandered into their military love-fest, as they were egged on by our MIA MLA who only seems to care about the yellow-and-blue side of a deadly conflict that affects us all whichever side one thinks they’re on. During her brief time on the collusive CoN’s shitty council, the gruesome Ghoulie Gang flew the flag of one country against another, despite being allergically averse to flying the pride flag on the same phallic pole. Are such warmongering Canamericans absolutely fine with Russian blood being spilled on the battlefield when it’s being caused by the team they’re cheering for?

What happened to the message that all forms of war are bad, which we sung about when some of us were kids? Where have all the flowers gone, indeed! It’s been a long time passing since there was any rebellious revolutionary movement in Maple Leaf Incorporated, wherein peaceniks aspired to eliminate all forms of bloodletting in the name of imperial expanionism and christo-fascist bloodlust. The red serges of the militaristic Mounties resemble the redcoats of their John Bull forefathers “back home” who were reviled for their cruel ruthlessness with anyone who resisted their criminal land-grabbing deviance, yet there they are leading the way at our poppy-wearing tributes to the guns of death without any of their supposedly peace-loving dupes questioning the mixed symbolism being sent to those poor people who still suffer under biased discriminatory bigotry from the misogynistic white-power brigade. At some point, one hopes that things might change in this navy-boat occupation of Indigenous lands, but with it taking ten territories and/or provinces to vote against sucking up to the Windsor mafia family, we’re likely faced with decades more wherein “nice” Canamericans continue to persecute those who don’t fit their deluded white-bred sense of what’s right from what’s horrifically wrong. The only way to seek and obtain lasting accountability from the predominantly male powers-that-be is if “ordinary” Canamericans choose to rise up against their legacy family brethren, and judging by the present brown-nosing lickspittle evidence on display wherein jackboots and sycophants are respected more than peace-loving non-white peoples, complicit Canucks will likely continue to be the most obeisant bunch of cowardly cronies the modern world has ever seen.

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