Like the header says here at I post about entertainment, life and all the things.

While I don’t really feel like my brain is functioning lately, could be the heat, the pillow, the newness, all the energy around me, hormones, who knows, but there are little sparks of a few things I want to spill about.

Gonna be random and in not the best of english…enjoy!!

First off humanity….WTAF!? I keep thinking this is not going to feel like the case for me, but it just keeps getting worse. Sigh.

Yes I will still insta post, but I am not about spending a lot of time there, feels so oddly toxic even though it is trying so hard to be positive. So many insta gurus telling you what up. Just amplifies all my humanity stuff.

FIFA….WTAF!? Canada needs to take a stand and not play, wear the rainbow arm bands, get the yellow cards, make a stand for something and stop being such wimps about taking a stand for something! The anti LGBTQ+  BS is total BS and it needs to stop and we need to fucking let people be and get on with it! Take a stand teams! Sigh.

Qatar…WTAF!? The mascot is totally a ghost of the migrant workers who died to build a fucking football/soccer stadium. The elite corporatocracy are a bunch of sick trolls laughing about it I’m sure. It’s disturbing as fuck.

Green Party of Canada…..WTAF!? Lizzy May….again, seriously. Sigh.

Twitter….Musky…Drumph…Kanye ye…WTAF!? Can all of them really just fuck off. sigh.

AMA’s….WTAF?!  Kelly Rowland, don’t stand up for C.Brown. Machine Gun Kelly’s purple spiked suit is about how I feel about it all.

Some may say, just enjoy the tropics, why have any emotion to all the BS? Just ignore it. But I feel like if perhaps more people paid attention and made choices that had some principal behind them, perhaps there could be change. What if everybody boycotted Twitter because of how fucked it is, instead curiosity adds to the clicks that then legitimizes it. Turn off the World Cup in protest of all the BS. Ask ourselves what it means to be human and all trying to exist on the planet together instead of allowing the BS capitalistic systems to create such selfishness and ego. When they aren’t even really capitalistic at all. More like zoning and rules on why you can’t be capitalistic.

Blah blah blah, morality etc.

If we are all going to claim we know better now, when is it we all start to do better? Or does our fomo and curiosity keep us supporting all the yuck with our clicks?

Knowing is one thing, doing is a whole nother.

Danke for being here,

Lady Beastie

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P.P.S. I know I don’t get all linky and specific about the topics I bring up, but I believe in your power to research further  if you so choose!

P.P.P.S. And still yes, I appreciate your clicks WAY more than ole zuck do!