Valid question these days. Hard to say. Spring is subtly starting to show so that is a super positive. Then the whole daylight savings debacle we are forced to endure twice a year hits and is stupid and well, too many other things I don’t feel like ranty ranting about other than to say, no, yuck, no more, can we please stop this charade?!!. There is so much we apparently can’t do, but completely fuck with time, sure no probs! WTAF!

I have been dropping Lady Beastie hints all over the place lately and will be starting to actually start sharing next week! How exciting is that!! Well, for me very! Jahooooooo!!

Until then ….remember my new vlog video I shared… well……skip to the 13 min mark if you want to see my brief cameo in this video that relates to that video!

Lots of good signs in the air uplifting me to keep keeping on with all the things I am keeping on with. On that note, off I go to shoot and edit!

Danke so super mucho for being here!


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