The Brutish Colonia government performed a song and dance of self-congratulation over how they have just created a nature conservancy in the Incomappleux River Valley, which is one of the only inland temperate rainforests in the world, and if you only read about this partially good news in obsequious Nelsonia’s Daily Snooze or the Dark Star, you would think that there was nothing wrong in the slightest with this belated announcement to save an incredibly rare and endangered old-growth ecosystem.

As often happens, you have to turn to the conservative Vancougar Sun to get more of an accurate account about what this mixed bag current event actually entails, because the corporate-friendly Dark Star and cop-owned Daily Snooze will only give you the propaganda version of what the white male powers-that-be want you to think about the latest victory for the oligarchic takeover of the planet one media outlet and fragile environment at a time. It takes Derrick Penner in the big city hundreds of kilometres away from this Kootenay forestry story to ask a local expert what they feel about the sugarcoated industry-fueled agitprop, in this case Rachel Holt, who responds that a huge chunk of the supposedly saved valley bottom is “completely logged”, which should have been set aside from the chainsaws long ago, and is only being given a partial reprieve because “it was not about to be logged”, due to a rockslide a decade ago that cut off the logging trucks’ road access to the irreplaceable timber.

We also hear almost nothing in anti-Indigenous Nelsonia’s journalistic travesties about what the regional First Nations’ thoughts are on this settler-brokered so-called deal which forked over almost four million bucks to Interfart which had already profited from raping the stolen land for many years too long. Instead, we again rely on non-local Penner to give us a quote from Kukpi7 of the Skw’lac te Secwepemculecw Nation, who emphasizes that this pro-corporate giveaway only means “we’re entering maybe into what should be just a stepping stone to improving what is actually happening” in their traditional territories which they’ve stewarded since time immemorial, despite the best efforts by the white supremacist entities who are now patting themselves on the back after they did their unholy best to destroy what was never theirs to harvest and desecrate while working tooth-and-nail against what our original inhabitants tried to protect for us all. Kukpi7’s crystal-clear use of the words “maybe” and “stepping stone” highlight how he sees this as just a potential beginning to repair centuries of harm against his peoples and the resources they are dedicated to preserve for the common good, as compared to the fait accompli that Premier Dweeby and his political yes-men see through their money-coloured beer goggles.

Holt echoes Kukpi7’s lukewarm endorsement for the baby-steps that the complicit government stooges believe is the end-game when she states, “what we have to do now is move these concepts forward and make some of the harder decisions”, as across the province, “all the valley bottoms, all the different low-elevation ecosystems are very under-represented in our protected areas… and that’s where the hard decisions are going to be in protecting ancient old-growth that is absolutely irrecoverable”. Nowhere in the toadying coverage by fawning Nelsonia’s unctuous news coverage do we seen any mention of the virtually extinct southern Selkirk caribou herd, nor do we get any perspective on how this piece of semi-protected land is only a fraction of the much bigger landscape that many including Holt want to have saved as well from the ravenous blades of the faltering misguided forestry sector, in order to benefit the caribou and their ilk that have been driven from their natural Incomappleux sacred habitat into the adjacent Glacier National Park, which is still under threat from the imperial lumberjack money-men misled by BC Timber Slayers.

We rely on the statement published by the Valhalla Wilderness Society to at least acknowledge the invaluable contribution to this generational cause by the Autonomous Sinixt First Nation, the true matriarchal rulers of these essential river headwaters violently hijacked by the ruthless power-players of the monarchic regime now run by mafia boss, King Chuck the Cuckolder, and his Canadian underling, King Trudy the Second. And we recognize the VWS’ clarification that a conservancy still enables helicopter-accessed lodge “development (that) can kill or displace grizzly bears, mountain caribou, mountain goats and wolverines”. Plus, we’ll leave it to the VWS to clarify that “the new conservancy is the result of mostly secret negotiations between the government, Interfor logging company and the Nature Conservancy. It is our understanding that TNC compensated Interfor $3.75 million, with Teck Cominco providing a large chunk of the money”, so how will beastly BC reach their commitment to protect double the amount of our present parkland “if environmental groups have to ask companies like Teck Cominco and Foundations for the money to buy out logging companies, even when the land has already been clearcut? Caribou, old-growth forests and biodiversity cannot wait, and the public cannot afford to buy protection for corporations; nor should they have to”.

Have you read any cold hard facts or anti-corporate opinions like these in the industrial cult-worshipping newspapers of kowtowing Nelsonia lately? At a bare minimum, however, at least the capitalistic Dark Star quoted the official press release’s words of Kukpi7, who pronounced that “making this announcement is quite an honour, (as) old-growth used to be seen as a dollar value, but now people can actually go look at it”.