For almost a decade, procrastinating Nelsonia has been talking about implementing an “organics diversion program”, meaning taking compost out of the regular waste-stream picked up only twice a month, in order to minimize bear deaths after a record thirteen were shot by public-paid gunmen last summer. But of course, after much talking and expelled hot air, the sluggards on Shitty Council over the years have only managed to get to the pilot project stage for this year in one neighbourhood with plans to maybe get things running in the whole city in several years, meaning more bears will die due to backwards-looking Nelsonia being unable to get its act together yet again in due time.

In the same tardy vein, winter sidewalks have been pushed to the end of the line once more in regressive Nelsonia’s archaic snow removal plan which favours the automobile over pedestrians, even though many international studies and programs have shown that more women walk to work than men, and that gender-based budgeting in civic planning leads to less costs and greater outcomes when misogynistic white men don’t just make decisions that benefit them and their beloved SUVs and trucks above all else.

The exploitative Nelsonia Laughs hockey country club has been vowing to be a positive influence in the community for the last while, as they encourage and promote on-ice assaults by underage players for the entertainment of drunk male supremacists at the expense of the youth players’ health and well-being, and now they’ve gone whole-hog by engaging in a line brawl that got embarrassing national headlines and their guilty coach suspended for good, because that’s what you get when you glorify bare-knuckle violence systematically for money in the name of supposed communal benefits.

Privileged Nelsonia gets a lot of mileage out of promoting winter recreational opportunities in the dangerous backcountry so that its tourism stakeholders can profit, and now we’ve lost another family man to avalanche country, this time a cop and his critically injured partner who decided to venture out into territory described by Avalanche BC as being fraught with “considerable” peril. If a pedestrian decided to enter a considerably dangerous area around town, the cops would stop them from doing so, but the same officers of the law decide to risk their lives just to have some off-duty fun, when there’s already a long list of dudes with kids who have left widows behind because they just had to shred that pow, even when there was a considerable risk that they wouldn’t make it home alive. Whatever happened to risk versus reward, gentlemen?

The well-used Nelsonia library has been awkwardly occupying the same building as the cop-shop with its jailed prisoners, which makes for very strange optics, and now the librarians are again asking for a new public space separate from criminals and their armed enforcers, in regards to the results of a recent survey which says that the people want to rent books elsewhere. Apparently, a similar survey way back in 2016 revealed the same request from the patient taxpayers, so we can be sure that another survey in 2030 will ask once more for a library that doesn’t have to share space with the anti-Indigenous racist Nelsonia Police State — who are asking for even more money due to their over-budget costs, which could limit Shitty Hall’s financial ability to build a new library.

Speaking of going over-budget, the corporate handout giveaway known as the civic dock replacement is well above its projected costs, leading to a reduced scale project and more predictable delays as the city comptrollers blame inflation and construction shortages on a project that never should have been green-lit in the first place by former Mayor Ghoulie and his pandemic-addled yes men, including three incumbent councillors and new Mayor B&B.

So we can all look forward with cringeworthy anticipation as the crude CoN continues to keep doing it “the Nelsonia way”, while ignoring successful systems all over the world, which means that more crucial issues will be kicked down the road to not be dealt with by future Shitty Councils and their nihilistic staff who perpetuate the Valley of Lost Souls’ tradition of having overconfident unqualified sycophants decide what it is right for us all, when all they really care about is maintaining their own power domains and cushy salaries on the voters’ dime.