About all sorts of things. And it is all so whirling and busy and loud and different and interesting and delicious (I am eating fresh pineapple and papaya while writing this) and warm….mainly warm….warm in a way that I enjoy, but I can certainly see many people not being ok with all the heat and humidity. It is one thing when it is your 2-3 week vacation, but a totally other thing when you are down here for 4 months or so.

More about all of that in a future posts, plus I have been wanting to share my “how I packed like a gringo…” post soon too!

but then somethings happened yesterday that moved to the forefront of share.

First of all on our walk home from the market, as I crossed the street to our wee casita I noticed something lying in the dirt. Yes I am attuned to shiny glittery things, like the time I found my grandma’s lost diamond ring in her lawn…not sure how it got there but somehow I noticed it!

This treasure in the dirt turned out to be a silver necklace charm of Jesus. I’m sure whoever lost it was sad as it is a beautiful piece, and also I feel like it wanted me to find it. It wasn’t even sparkly side up and really with the all the variables in that moment how did I end up seeing it? Pretty small odds really.

It is the quite the treasure. Like some talisman that found me for this trip, this life experience we are having. Feel honoured for it to have found me… so cray….

Speaking of finding things, last night we went out to see the sunset and have a wee walk and at the basketball stage we happened upon a show about to happen! I just thought it would be a chill Sunday night on the beach strip, but I’m not sure that even exists here!

So we took a free spot up on the bleachers and waited for the fun to start!

There are so many public stages and performance spaces here it is wonderful. The little park just down the street from us has a cute one for example.

Can you imagine Can-America building a slew of public performance and gathering spaces?

They tried for years to get but one in Nelson and ended up with some weird arty looking thing in a parking lot in a part of town people don’t really go to and how often does it even get used? I feel like if that were in Mexico there would be at least weekly, city sponsored events, where the city realizes it is in their best interest to support, yes financially and otherwise, the performing arts. Yes, even in the winter when it is cold, thank you naysayers.

(I am well aware of how Nelson never wants to hear constructive or ‘bad’ things about itself. It is fiercely defensive of its stagnant mediocrity.)

All you need is a slab of concrete with a bit of power running to it, a la the space by city hall in L.A.

If lakeside park in Nelson was designed by Mexicans, who love community and performance and being out with each other, they would have (by now) put some multi use space like they did here. And not just one, but spaces like that all over the city, to encourage gatherings for performances.

It would prove they value live performance and the arts. Not just live music in a bar.

I feel like Can-America really thinks it knows what up, but from what I have seen so far, we have a great deal to learn from other cultures and people and I don’t have a lot of faith that there is an awareness of that, or a want to do it. (hfsghgrksracismhrsvvbhrs)

Did my statements get your feist up? Make you want to defend our palid waspy culture? Go for it! Leave a comment! Send me a DM! I would be curious of your defense.

While last night, to our surprise and delight we got to enjoy an hour of singing and dancing, all hosted by our favorite M/C, (who I am sure is getting paid by the city,) for free, in a well designed and heavily used multipurpose public venue.

Somethings to note about it all:

1. The D.J. who played before the show stared may have been the best ever…they way they were mixing the 80’s hits was off the charts!!

2. At one point a dancer put on a paper mache mask of a bull that covered their head and then they lit fireworks on the back of the mask and he ran around the stage….with fireworks coming out of his paper mask! Can you imagine?!

3. The people here seem to have so much patience, which is not my strong suit, so it’s something I am sitting with and learning from.

I have some pics and what not on the insta if you are interested. (again…fucking insta….can somebody please design a better platform with a better A.I……)

Danke so mucho for being here.

Remember something that holds constantly true, I appreciate you way more than zuck do.

Lady Beastie

P.S. There are some live cams on the tube of Zihua if you are curious…Just type in Zihuatanejo live!