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Mild unexpected rant….I wasn’t expecting this this morning but it just wanted to come on out!

Hey Camilla, you can say “ladies and gentleman” if you want to but just know that it just shows your ignorance and bias. So yeah use “ladies and gentlemen” and show the world how intolerant and old school you are, and how you are unwilling to change. You aren’t funny or cute by doing so. You are just dumb. If Camilla feels that way, you better believe old Charles is on her page. The page of old school ignoramus. How terrifying and gross is the ‘Royal’ family?!  i know that is a big statement, but is it? I am very much on team Harry. Get the fuck out of that fucked up B.S. Seems to me old Will there has bought the programming fed to him hook, line and sinker. (I find phrases like that so odd, but also I want to use them sometimes because they are so odd…pretty sure it’s just about fishing and not anything racist…never know tho… now I’m going to have to look it up… just a moment…looks like it is a fishing thing.)

Whew, just saw a little thing that got me all needing to say that little thing. I hosted and MC’d many many many events for many many years and I haven’t said “ladies and gentlemen” as an introduction (or just in general) for many many many years. It’s exclusionary and old and quite frankly irrelevant. I think if you use it, you are also exclusionary, old and irrelevant.

I know the booms and the oldies just want to be stubborn in their bigoted ways but I feel it is the duty of us younger generations who know better to hold them to account to do better. I mean, good luck to us because I feel like most of them would rather sink into their ignorance then bother to learn anything new.


My blog today was going to be about crows… I guess in a way it still sort of was….?!

How are the crows in your area? Do you pay attention to the birds? Do you get to hear birds? Do you like them?

The crows here are a situation. Murders of them flying around squaking at everything and just being mean bully birds. I don’t remember them being this intense here and I don’t recall any other place I have lived or recently visited having so many crows….I just wonder what they are telling me about this area? ….Thoughts?….

Anyhoo, if I take a hawt minute to get back to anyone or anything these days, I blame it on the summer vortex. Kinda sucks me in and I loose all track of a lot of things! Just fyi, in case you are one of those people!

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