I can hardly believe it myself!!

Pre-pandemic we were moving forward on the idea of spending the winter in Mexico. Snowbirding? Kind of, but more feeling like our time in Nelson was coming to a close.

We had never planned on staying there for all the times, and so it was like something new needed to happen.

The last post has more deets on that!

So here we are! We finally made it!

It feels surreal and all the feelings but mainly I find myself laughing more…I’m not sure if I am still delirious from all the travel…which went very well but was still a thing. Our flight from Vancouver left at midnight, so yeah it was one of those…I don’t do odd sleeping well. You know how there are those people who can just fall asleep anywhere! Like the man sitting next to us. He was amazing. Full sleep. Woke up for the 1:30 am snack and had a beer, then right back out for the whole rest of the flight! I was impressed. I did not sleep. (I watched The Lost City – review another day…if I remember…thumbs up tho.) Not even when we arrived. I had a shut eye napish upon arrival at our casita but did not fully send it until about 9pm Zihua time, a casual 7pm home time, where I did some initial party napping before a great no covers needed night sleep.

I sometimes wish I could plug you all into my brain so I could fill you in on ALL the things and the stuff, but we will just have to deal with the highlight reel! So many things! So much newness!

Speaking of highlight reels…yes my tumultuous relationship with the insta…Fudge. I know. But it is easy and fast to share and fudge. So I seem to be on it and using it. That being said if you are someone who just follows my blogs here and like the content and are curious about this whole Mexico adventure, I do suggest an insta follow. Daily pics and comments that are a companion to these bigger more in depth blog posts!

If you missed the past stories I have made a Mexico highlight reel on my homepage that I will be saving there.

Really glad we have been on the dingy lingy (what we call duolingo) We like to say “is it time to bang some dingy”? People assume we need privacy, but really it’s just some Spanish lessons! It has already been so helpful and I am curious and game to see how much Spanish I can learn and speak.

Almost time for a movement followed by a full body bidet,(as we call it). Clean up and cool off in one go. A new fun discovery!

Gosh I am excited and grateful to be here. Taking a leap of faith and moving towards changing your future and your life is a big thing, and while for the weeks leading up I was anxiety. Not having anxiety, but I was the living embodiment of it, also missing my sweet Evanyo like in a crazy heart full of love I am so pround and thankful for him way. Being here feels so good. It feels right and there have been a lot of synchro-mystic events that indicate that as well.

Like meeting Jackson and Bambi in the customs line up, who live in the Stoker (Revelstoke) and Jackson is a Society (my brothers shop in Revelstoke) sponsored snowboarder, Bambi is an amazing artist and is well worth an insta follow,  @turbobambi_design

And meeting another woman who snowbirds and lives in Canmore as well, or meeting Jane who has spent 8 years in Zihua and said it was the best of the places! Or another lovely lady who lives in Mexico and summers in Kitsilano.

The building next to me is the same color blue as the back of our house and there are Jettas in the driveway!

All good stuff!

Whew, that feels like enough for now.

So so mucho more to come! Being here gives me so mucho to blog about! Jahoo!

Like the supermercado we went to today…..more on that later! (some pics on the insta g too)

Danke so mucho for being here!

I really appreciate you and your clicks and taking the extra clicking steps to make it here!

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Feel free to drop them below, or a personal DM (which seems to be the favorite!).

Lady Beastie

P.S. If you are wanting a copy of the first run of Grown Up Poetry Rhyme Time, my poetry colouring book, I suggest you hit me up with an ordering email, lisel@forstmedia.ca , you can e-transfer me the $20 plus $5 for shipping, these babys are almost sold out and I haven’t even gotten up my proper order page for them yet!!  Jahoooooo

P.P.S. Yes I will be doing a sharing coloring video with you….could even be a live situation…I’ll keep you posted so you can catch it live if you want!! More Jahooooooo

P.P.P.S. the picture is of my current office situation! Not an ale I am drinking, but my favorite apple pop. Sigh. Why isn’t there apple pop in Canada?