With everything that is going on in the world I bet you are wondering “why hasn’t Lady B. said anything about turdes haircut?”!!!

Like obvs a top question these days.

Whelp, either he caught wind of this blog and somebody finally said “sir that euremo has got to go!”

Perhaps it’s shorter and cooler for the summer heat wave we are all enjoying while he looks for new ways to create dirty energy that contributes to the heat wave. Air conditioners help right?

Or, he went to the new Top Gun movie and he thinks he is Tom Cruise. Or at least he wants to be Tom Cruise. Or at least look like Tom Cruise. But also probably wishes crowds reacted to him the way they do to Tom Cruise.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts asking to be called Maverick or at least stages some shirtless volleyball moment very soon.

It’s better than the euremo but also Tom Cruise is kind of a terrifying individual and one I’m not sure is good to emulate.

It’s as if we are going on a “Highway to the Danger Zone“, to a “Destination Unknown“, that will hopefully “Take My Breath Away” and not “Lead Me On” or “Through the Fire“,  but till then I will be “Playing with the Boys” with my “Mighty Wings” because I love “Hot Summer Nights” when I can see “Heaven in your eyes“.  Goodness gracious “Great Balls of Fire” what memories of us “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” and may we never feel like “You’ve lost that loving feeling“!!! That’s my “Anthem“!

Yes those are all the songs from the original soundtrack put together in a mini summer story! Jajajajaja Why not?!

Great soundtrack to revisit by the way! You are welcome! Just turned it on myself! Hello pep in my step!

Hope you have a great one!

Danke for being here!

Lady Beastie

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P.P.S. Also I never thought it was necessary to kill Goose, I think they could have taught Maverick a lesson another way, and but also Meg Ryan is just the cutest thing about that whole movie!