My brains are still lost in the magical summer vacation time I am swimming in!

I keep thinking all this wonderfulness must be about through. When you are in the vacation vortex it can be hard to see out, to be out of it!

This weekend we get to go to an amazing wedding of two fabulous people so I expect my brains to stay on their hiatus for a bit longer!

I wonder if and when they (my brains) come back to me, if they will be different, if the grey matter will have been so enchanted and filled by the summer heat and the smell of the ocean that there arrival will become something new, unexpected and full of inspiration….or perhaps they will be like an old horse who hasn’t been ridden in a while and just doesn’t want to get going!

How are your post summer brains? Is school on your radar?! Lots of brains needed there!

Danke super mucho for being here!

Lady Beastie

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For those who are interested….

So what happened with the vlogs?

Whelp, I thought I was all geared up to keep vlogging during this amazing time, but then the editing program didn’t work on the different traveling computer I have to use and of course I didn’t pretest it when my tech support was around and so with that and also getting so lost in the moment as I literally had not been on any sort of adventure like this for YEARS!! I decided to let that go for the moment. I have still been getting footage and have some ideas for a few videos, but that won’t hopefully happen until we get briefly back to our Nelsonia enclave before heading to Mexico. Then I will get set up better for the future vlogging endeavors!

Whew! Danke!

P.P.S. I have started a new Lady Beastie Insta account…..I know I know… the A.I…… my rantings….sigh…more on that later…until then I hope you can give it a like, share and subscribe!

lady_beastie   – is what to look for….!!