Unfortunately, I briefly went onto my insta page this weekend and immediately saw things that I didn’t want to know about. That usually happens if I dare venture onto the socials.

I’m not going to elaborate on that but I am going to ask this:

Yesterday was the annual memorial walk for the missing and murdered Indigenous women of Canada. Where were all the patriots? All the lovers of Canada? All the people demanding freedom who claim to love their country? All the selfies of support on your insta feeds? Where were the horns Nelson? The DJ’s and the dancing? Where were all ya’ll who thought you were so smart and cool and pro canadian on Sunday, where was your support for the indigenous yesterday?…..

Crickets? Yup, that’s what I thought. hmmmm what telling and reasonable conclusion can be drawn from that…

I’m letting you answer that on your own. Why would you say that is the case?

And also if the Indigenous want to tear down a statue of a disgusting white colonial man, they can do it, whenever the fuck they want, not when it is deemed the proper way by waspy white colonials who are still ignorant to their own racist BS even though they think they they are so educated and right.

Who knew at this point of the ‘demic so many peoples true colours would come shining through.

Hard to see people I have liked choosing either ignorance, or nastiness and colonial whiteness. What is the other option there? They might say patriot standing up for freedom, but from what I have seen, that means the choice is ignorance. I wonder if any of those Sunday protest fest supporters have watched any of the videos of pee king spouting his own ignorance and hate. Is that the side you really want to be on? (I’m speaking to those Sunday selfies and supporters) Are these really the people you are choosing to support and take’ look at me and what I support’ selfies about? wow, oh dear….

All the while turdes euremo hair was in it’s full glory as he historically invoked the emergency measures act. Like full amazing euremo. I wonder about the people he is surrounding himself with, the fact they let that hair go on camera for all of history?! Are they purposely sabotaging him? Are he and Sophie doing ok? I would have thought she would have had more style to not have him sporting that coif. Puzzling.

Also, anyone notice on the mainstream news clips any of the crying children being dragged around by their freedom protesting parents? Crickets. Thought so.

All of this is fascinating, disappointing and not surprising, all at the same time!

Whew, what a time.

Danke for being here,


#forstmedia #freedumb #nelsonbc #truecolours

Also, any other of my performance and festival peeps noticing the precedent that has now been set around peaceful protests? Technically, isn’t doing any kind of art in the world a peaceful protest….hmmm what could this mean for future art endeavours…?! Do you get what I’m laying down? …You can always email me if you want more details on that one!

Also, there is really nothing like seeing a big group of protesting burly bearded white trucker men all swaying back and forth and singing along to “We Are The World”!!!! The visuals have just been amazing!!….oh dear….