Ok, well I did do it today. Sort of. In a half ass kinda way, but I guess half ass is better than no ass. What is it I speak of? How I am I on this train? (schmerg, sayings are so weird) See yesterday’s post for reference!

Yoga and warm water. That is what I am ultimately talking (again not talking, typing, so weird) about! I always think it would be the so great coolest to wake up and first thing get down on that yoga mat and wake up stretch it out followed by a nice cup of warm water, for the gestion.

I generally do do 🙂 some kind of yoga and drink some sort of water in my day.

It just seems regal and in control and self loving to do it first thing.

I have had moments where I have for a stretch of time made this happen. Was my life better? was I happier? Did I stop nagging myself about it?!

I don’t totally know about it, but the one thing I can say for sure, my hip sockets were much looser. Which in life is something to strive for I suppose.

Mayhaps tomorrow I will try again with a bit more ass, not so half.

Oh and I went somewhere new the other day, imma share where and some pics tomorrow!

What’s your morning routine? Coffee and emails?! Kids and craziness? Yoga and hot water?

Is it everything you yearn for it to be?!