Last week, snaky Wormtongue of the Crypt of Consumerism in misogynistic Nelsonia and his designated business-bro lackey Igor presented their swollen case-study to ex-Mayor Ghouliani and his outgoing council about why they think the economy in the Valley of Lost Souls is suffering. These are the same bozos who have been talking out of their butts for the past two decades and counting about how they’re the ones who will get us out of the financial doldrums that have been plaguing this rural region the whole time they’ve been in charge. If it’s not one thing, it’s the next, according to them, as they flail about from year-to-year trying to explain why things haven’t turned out as well as they said they would.

For some bizarre reason, the appeasers in charge of our public purse constantly prop up these type of dopey dudes as the future salvation of our contemporary problems, even though nothing they ever do seems to make the issues anything but worse. All the oily white male power advocates need to do is conduct another useless survey (or report, or paper) every quarter or two, and the clueless politicians fawn at their feet, desperately waiting for their next treatise on why the numbers won’t add up yet again to any sort of sustained support for the masses, apart from their creepy cronies in the upper echelons of the Nelsonia Police State, who talk economic development until they’re blue in the face, without anyone questioning their dubious track-record and disappointing results. How much money have Wormtongue, Igor & the rest of their capitalistic con-men made off of the taxpayers’ backs over the years, while no-one else seems to get any richer other than them? The biggest industry in this area and the rest of Brutish Colonia was the lucrative cannabis field by far, and it’s not even close, but how much are the putzes in their ill-fitting frumpy suits and ties going to pay us for stating the blatantly obvious? So much of the spillover profits which floated most of the local boats in this tourist-trap town came from the green gold, but the money-biz boys twist themselves in knots trying to explain why things aren’t like they used to be since legalization (which is nothing of the sort), while blaming social-support benefits, the pandemic itself & the influx of cheap cash into Justinflation’s country clubhouse among other sorry excuses for their continued failures to do the redundant jobs they’re personally overpaid to do.

We see the same thing at the top of the Nelsonia Police State’s hierarchical pyramid where the keystone cops hoist yet another white male supremacist up their colonial flagpole and pretend that things will be so much better this time for the over-arrested Indigenous and non-white people who dare to live in the narcissistic CoN’s WASPy dystopia, while they sweep their racist scandal under the rug and shamelessly act like the imperialistic Vancougar PD will investigate their bigoted horseplay with any sort of unbiased justice. The stuck-up laggards reelected to Shitty Hall have belatedly come up with a code-of-conduct policy to counteract the bullying tyranny perfected by voted-out Captain Ghoulie and his teflon City Mangler, so maybe they will finally have the chutzpah needed to keep their own thin blue line officers in line with more than just token nonsense-words and idle chatter. Anyone who trusts the most historically bigoted police force in Canamerica to enforce anti-racism decrees with any sort of justice is deluded beyond belief, meaning we’ll likely see sycophantic Councillors Woody, Bump-on-a-Log & Pager the Enabler fully embrace the findings of Chief Puppet of the corrupt Lotusland pigs, when they inevitably rule in favour of our hometown non-peace officers’ online pro-racism chat while being paid on the civic dime.

The boys in blue from the coastal No-Fun City that purports to be the greenest metropolis in the world without a hint of irony are the same goons who love to arrest, beat & persecute their Indigenous peoples on a regular basis, yet our milquetoast politicians in snobby Nelsonia are willing to entrust our municipal reputation to these armed enforcers? Cruel Chief Puppet and his cartel of yes-men are the exact type of arrogant chauvinists who travel up north to a supposed apology ceremony — for sadistically arresting a grandfather and his granddaughter who dared to open a bank account — without bringing along the two unaccountable officers that perpetrated the systemic crime in the first place. Can you imagine a playground encounter wherein two schoolyard bullies beat up two innocent kids, and the teachers and principal were just fine with the perpetrators being allowed to goof off at recess without being held responsible for their violent ways? If it had been a white grandfather and granddaughter locked into handcuffs by Indigenous gunmen, anyone with a social conscience knows that the settler authorities and their whitewashed public would have been up in arms calling for non-white heads to roll.

There are enlightened places and cities in the world where women are respected even more than their male counterparts, so the answer to the question posed in the headline is a sad one. Our colonizer culture listens to moronic idiots like Wormtongue, Igor, Grandmaster Ghoulie, Chief Puppeteer & their sordid ilk because Canamerican cultists worship phallic dicks over the half of humanity that brings us life. The not-so Great White North produces evildoing he-men like the assassin who failed to kill Nancy, the despicable founder of the paramilitary Puerile Boys & Musky the richest supervillain on earth because Krazy Kanucks cater to the worst elements of our inhumane nature, and most of the white-bred boomers and their wannabe acolytes in charge are just fine with exporting hate, discrimination & oppression as our prime national virtues. Do we have to keep kowtowing to these malignant boneheads, or should we kick them out on their asses like such male chauvinist pigs deserve? With liberal democracy on the line this month down south, it should be emphasized that the country above the forty-ninth parallel is leading the way when it comes to woman-hating and denigrating the original inhabitants of this stolen land.