It is has been hard to focus on the list of work to do’s , well actually on anything that doesn’t fully encompass taking in the sweet summer around me!

How does anything get done when it is so darn beautiful?

It has been a few years since we have been on the coast. Feeling it’s softness and smelling the ocean air. I missed it more than I realized.

The beach is calling me name today and I am excited to sit with the ocean and hear what ever I have missed over the past while. Sending my own love and hopes across it’s sparkly surface.

Yesterday we ate the best blackberries I have ever had, which resulted in a full blown mouthgasm. Rarely is anything so delicious in my mouth hole!

Also appreciating the sushi here. Also mouth hole appreciation!

Aaaannndd the wonderful abode we are house sitting has T.V. Like actual T.V. Now for some of you who have T.V. and live with it, this seems like no big deal, but I haven’t experienced anything quite like it! The whole HGTV on demand situation is quite dangerous and will certainly be eating up a few evenings! Gosh there is a lot of programming and content out there….how to choose what to take in? How do you choose?

And on that note a big thank you to you for choosing to spend some of your time with me and take in the content that I am putting out there for you! Especially with so much out there… wowza…

Danke so super mucho for being here!

Lady Beastie

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P.S. also fingering out how to do all of the things on a different computer….mild challenge…getting there….

P.P.S. kinda hard to bring this up at such a beautiful time but ummm the speeches at the ‘dumplican cpac were absolutely beyond terrifying. Truly horrific. Like I know it is summer here and we all want to just enjoy the vitamin d but the potential for what is brewing is…..well….The Tragically Hip come to mind with a slightly altered version of their song “we are reliving the last century….actually reliving the last century…..” I would rather not…..Are you aware of the part of the last century we are about to live through…..I’ll give you a hint, it involves a tiny phsyco with a tiny stache……

P.P.P.S. I know the photo is not accurate but that is part of my learning on a new machine! Hot new photo tomorrow!