Ok Ok I know, we are all eagerly awaiting all my opinions and take down of the Oscars.

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Lets start at the beginning. The very beginning.

Have I dreamed about wining an Oscar and given many acceptance speeches for it. Yes, yes I have.  I still have a vision of me as a 70 year old lady in pink sequins, with pink hair, strolling the carpet, the unknown older person who sometimes gets a role of their lifetime later in their career. It’s possible!

Then a few years ago I did get to walk the red carpet and see the beaded curtain! I was in L.A. for a hairdressing, razor cutting class with a master on Rodeo Drive. Um, it was awesome, and also it happened to be right before the Oscars, so as we were touristing, they were prepping and so I got to walk the plastic covered red carpet!!

In the last bunch of years, the deeper Oscars truths about how bought it all is and how many old white men are actually on the academy and just the actual whole commercial enterprise of it was brought more into my knowledge and I actually fell out of love with it all.

That being said of course I still have a fascination with it, but watching them is not longer a must do for me. Also because I can catch all the ‘interesting’ parts on the interwebs. Plus I don’t have T.V. If they were easily available I probs would watch. Honesty, transparency, boom.

KK, the parts about it now.

For me the biggest event of the evening was Kristen Stewart wearing Channel tuxedo hot pants on the carpet! I feel like I have been daring for someone to rock that look for years and she was the perfect person and she pulled it off beautifully! One, if not my favourite Oscar look ever! Now that’s big news!

Shall we Will Smith? Like everything these days this topic is filled with so much nuance that it is a lot. Too often people want things to be easy and cut and dry, whelp, like vaccine passports, it’s just not. So there are many layers and many things we can learn from such an event.

Comedy is WAY to often mean. So much comedy is based in being mean to people and putting down people or oneself and it is destructive and it’s why I don’t really like ‘comedy’ even though it seems I should because I like being funny. I believe in being kind not mean. So for me, that is the root of the problem. The fact Chris R. though it was ok to say it, shows the root of meanness in his comedy. It’s not even a funny joke. Whether he was aware or not about Jada’s alopecia. If you are choosing to tell that kind of joke you had better be aware and done your homework, ignorance is no excuse. I think he knew and he’s an asshole for telling it. Jada has been very vocal and vulnerable about her hair and she easily could have worn a wig, but she doesn’t because she is making a statement and reaching out to people who have a similar autoimmune disorder. So for him to not know, is beyond ignorant. Also who knew he was going to tell this joke? Who okayed it? Did the academy hear it at rehearsals and let it pass, knowing full well Will and Jada were going to be front row?! Because that is another root problem. Enabling cruelty and calling it comedy.

Which brings me to the misogyny, toxic masculinity and cruelty part of it that is perpetuated in Hollywood. Another root of the whole problem. This was not the first time Ole Chris had told shitty not funny mean jokes about Jada or others. He probably felt that because he was ‘allowed’ and celebrated to do so in the past he was fine to do so now. And if the academy wants to do some official investigation, then lets officially investigate them too, their role in inciting incidents such as this and the kind of culture they create. I would also like to say I feel that those that bark the loudest against Will probably carry the most guilt about what they have done in their lives. Like do we need to point out ‘Ace Ventura’ has probably perpetrated more violence and hate against trans people then anything Will has done Jim C. So get off your high horses you high horse riders.

And no, I don’t think Ricky Gervais or any other white comedian would have thought they could get away with that joke. They know as white men not to come after a black women like that. Not in this day and age. So I dismiss that argument, thank you.

Yes, Will did initially seem to be laughing at the joke at first. But perhaps he wasn’t really listening, (like at a wedding or something when you are kinda paying attention and laughing along to the best mans speech but really you are wondering about when the main course is going to be served!) then when he saw Jada and it really sunk in what had been said, well, he had just had enough. And fair enough.

Violence is NEVER the answer. Period. Boom. Truth, Yes.

But gosh it was fucking satisfying. My goodness I can think of a whole list of people I would love to see just get biffed across the face. I’m from Alberta. Let’s do this thing. If that had been a scene in a romantic comedy we would have all been cheering Will on to punch the fuck out of Chris. We would cry at the chivalry and love and passion and wonder if we will ever find someone who loved us so much that they would smack someone one live T.V. for billions to see. I hope Will and Jada fucked like rabbits when they got home because they were so stirred with passion for each other.  I was glad to see he was out having a time and celebrating with his family after.

Is the academy spineless? Probably. Does Will deserve a standing ovation for his work and career. Absolutely. Should he have hit Chris absolutely not.

And also Black women do not get stood up for enough. Not nearly enough. It is a time for healing Jada thank you. In many ways about many things.

And also where is Chris R.’s apology to women with alopecia?

The picture is a big full one, what am I missing? Did I leave anything out?

If Harv.w can keep his Oscars, Will can keep his. There has been much worse things done by winners.

OH Yeah! Other stuff like Beyonce’s performance was off the hook! I highly suggest a watch. And Billie’s too!

I was happy for Billie and Finneas as they are just so darn cute, and I love how much their parents support them, and how much success they have had because of it and how much they acknowledge their success has stemmed from their parents support.

All the ladies in Tuxedo fashions made ma happy! Gaga’s moment with Liza was lovely and I love the respect and love that Gaga shows people. Zendaya being the style icon she is also stood out for me.

Anything else you want to comment on? Be Brave leave a comment?!! Or not, I just appreciate you being here and reading all that!!

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