Weʼve already sacrificed a year of their social lives for the sake of the supposedly adult population, so why on this globally extreme earth are we leaving our kids unprotected and exposed to mass-spreader environments without proper ventilation, while the rest of the ʻmatureʼ world goes about their merry business in a still-raging global pandemic as if everything has never been better for their stock portfolios and real-estate holdings? 

How many repugnant elitists in this fascistic farce are aware that less than 5% of humankind has received the magic vaxx-pill that allows them to flaunt their privilege in everyoneʼs faces who make less money than they do, while creating miraculously selective conditions that invite them to earn more ill-begotten wealth in sanctified quarters that exclude all those toiling beneath their lofty decadence of greed and exploitation? Do they know theyʼre screwing over 95% of humanity by not insisting that any vaccines left go to the vast majority who want one and canʼt access them? Just like phones, computers, flush toilets & hot water, etc., a ridiculous chunk of the humble word has been denied the recognized ʻessentialsʼ of life which our out-of-touch settler society believes everyone has in its infinite delusion. 

Factor in each and every one of the children born in a struggling indebted country which we discriminate against to this day on an existential level of survival, plus the kids in our rich countries who are maybe going to get vaccinated sometime soon while case counts and hospitalizations rise significantly in their vulnerable ranks, and youʼve got a tragic situation wherein our future present is being sacrificed on the altar of Manmon by his willing followers who act like they have no idea what theyʼre doing when they sure as heck really do. 

What about the children, fascists have cried throughout the annals of tyrannical time, before they beat up their disenfranchised parents in the name of public safety and claim their blood offspring as their own to corrupt for ulterior sadistic motives disguised as godly intentions. That which we decry as horrific in our recent past are the very shallow-grave events which we’re perpetuating in the present, while sacrificing our generational futures for the public crimes of the spiritually blind who overrate the here-and-now above all other humane considerations. How can we not see that history & herstory will judge us harshly for prioritizing the petty concerns of spoiled boomers over the crucial wellness of our disinherited youth? Never have we stooped so low to conquer so little, while taking a loss greater than any insane ʻGreatʼ War that came before it, or ever will. If Covid is a diabolical war, as some say, then the ʻgreatʼ powers are losing this battle altogether at once while they playact with their superpower toys against each otherʼs common interests and massacre the cannon fodder recruits whose original sin was to be born in an era of mass sinners and serial offenders gone wild without official restraint. 

Weʼre here where weʼve always feared to tread. The delicate game between adults and kids over who gets to drive the SUV is tipping more and more to the apocalyptic brink where any sane person under twenty-five can tell that climate disasters, clearcuts, unaffordable housing, wage stagnation, vaccine hoarding, systemic tech misogyny & other horror shows are designed only to hurt them, while the pyramidical cluster-frackers older than Bieber jerk us all over with gleeful abandon to the end of however much time weʼve got left. Because, after all, what is time? And if our timeʼs up, what about theirs? 

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