Hiya, happy Monday to ya’ll!

Do you have vivid dreams?!

I sometimes really do! Here’s another instalment of Dream Diaries! I think a while ago I mentioned I would talk about my reoccurring dreams, but then I get distracted and forget and get onto other things! It’s something I do, so if I ever do that about something you want to know more about just e-mail me or comment!

So last night in my dream I got some tattoos!  A whole half a chest piece that was pretty, just black lines, but um way to big! Then I got two huge, filled in black fleurs-de-lis on either thigh, oh dear, and then to top it off I got piercings in my inner thighs?! Like what kind of crazy idea is that?! They will just rub!!

Anyhoo, I woke up very happy that I had not inked my body in this way!

One day I’ll story time about those reoccurrers I have!

How’s your dream life?!

Danke for being here,


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