Gonna start today with some preachy times…

Have you heard about what is going on with the whole Balenciaga situation?

Let us start a while back. Did you happen to watch the American Horror Stories with the witches? It was the only one I watched. I somewhat liked it because of the whole witch thing. At the end of the series one of the witches was getting burned at the stake and the other witches asked her if she had any final words, to which she yelled “Balenciagaaaaaaa!” And I thought it was hilarious and every now and then without reference I would yell out “Balenciagaaaaa!” cuz I thought it was funny.

Now I’m not going to get into the whole what what about what is going on with it all as there are MANY people out there going deep and I suggest you take a little gander and see what you find. (What will you find…?) I do however want to call out a few things. Like when the ‘right’ talks about Hollywood and grooming and child molestation and all that nasty and how the ‘left’ is allowing it and what not, a story like this hopefully makes you stop and pause and think about how that it is perhaps not that far off. (R.I.P. Corey Haim…) And when the ‘right’ calls out the lack of accountability on the ‘left’, a story like this also makes one pause and sink into it all.

Can you imagine if something like this went down on the ‘right’ side of the equation?! The ‘left’ would be calling out bloody murder! And yet where are all the celeb voices who have worn and supported this brand for so many years? Why are they so silent? ( and no a simple “sorry” and “they didn’t realize” BS, a la Kim K. is NOT enough.) They NEED to be condemning the shit out of this shit! We all need to be looking at the bigger story and condemning the shit out of this shit! How f*cking ‘woke’ is anybody if this shit is not kicked in the shitter so hard. Balenciaga should be beyond cancelled at this point and called out by anybody who has ever stood for the brand. Very big silent voices who like to preach about a lot of things and on this, something so f*cked up, they are silent? WTAF. (Nicole Kidman, Bella Hadid and so many more…)!!

And then the extreme crazy ‘right’ suddenly don’t seem so crazy (which is crazy) and I am left wondering again about the intentions behind all of it?! The scheisse is beyond. No more shouting Balenciaga as just a funny thing from a horror witch show. Holey WTAF scheisse. Mind is being blown by that one….Disturbing as f*ck! The media and press reaction or lack thereof has also been disturbing as f*ck.

ok. anyhoooooo. life still carries on. just like it does for Paul Atredes on Dune. He went from his home planet which didn’t exactly look warm to the blistering heat and sand of Dune (the spice). Without knowing what it would be like, what he would find, what his life would look like, let alone the sleeping arrangements and if there would be a bunch of barking perros…wait am I talking about him or me?!

We are in our new place for the month and like it was for Paul, a picture and some reviews can only tell you so much about what it is going to be like living in that place.

Lucky for me I don’t have other groups of people trying to kill me, which is nice for sure!

Like Dune (the spice) was for Paul (Timothee Chalamet to be clear), Mexico is a whole different world, with things I expected and didn’t and even if I did they are different to be living them than just to read or hear about them. Or only be here for a 2-3 week holiday!

More on the current state of the Mexico situation on the next post.

but for now…I personally enjoyed the new Dune (spice) movie. But perhaps it helped that I had watched the David Lynch version. (Though it did take me three sittings!) Also, I do seem to enjoy a Denis Villeneuve project. (…although I am not sure where resides with the whole Balenciaga thing…sigh…) I loved Arrival and also enjoyed his take on Blade Runner 2049, but I do understand that his cup of tea is not for everyone. Boy can he ever shoot the heck out of things tho! Also Jason Mamoa was the best I had ever seen him, which is saying something as I couldn’t even finish Aquaman as the acting was so, so, so, so very, very, very bad, so I feel like some of that is from the directors directing!

Somehow it is still such an odd property and even still I found myself missing some of the extreme weird choices that were made in the original. Like sure Stellan’s Harkonnen was evil and brooding to be sure but Kenneth McMillan’s version was so insane and off the hook, he was absolutely terrifying!

Probably not one for you if you are not into sci-fi and what not. I’m in for a second movie tho and I do hope Zendaya is featured more. (as far as I can tell she has not tied herself to said fashion haus…whew)

Have you seen Dune? New or old? What did you think? If I wasn’t typing I could babble on about it for a spell fo sho!

Opinions on the Balenciaga situation? Is it a big deal or not? Does it make you question things?

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