If one is really going to live in a city like this in Mexico, to escape the long, oh so long and seemingly getting longer Canadian winters there are a few things to consider that I have learned in my relatively short time here.

First off and the most obvious is the heat.

You need to enjoy the heat.

Because so far it appears to be sunny and hot most always of the time. (which is great for me!)

I think the rainy season is even hotter just with more rain and humidity!

I hear that cold showers are good for you so that is a bonus and I certainly think they have been good for my hair.

In fact if I was to hairdresser again I would use lukewarm water at best on peoples hair! Take note! Try it out!

I know it seems obvious but a vacation is different than being in a place for months.

It doesn’t cool down much at night, which I think for some people would be hard. Yes there are air conditioners, but that kinda defeats to point to me!

Then there is the noise. Yes we are in a city so perhaps a small country town, or a place far from everything would be different but I kinda don’t think so…

There are people who live in the most amazing haphazard houses with sound systems that are bigger and better than anyone I know and they stick those speakers facing outward and crank it for the neighbourhood!

Some of the cars and motorbikes they drive are also amazing, and oh so loud! Plus they love honking their horns!

The garbage truck plays a song as it picks up the garbage and it can be heard for blocks!

If you have enjoyed a ‘quiet’ Mexican place that you don’t need a car to get around in, I would love to hear your experience!

Even if you are in the jungle, there is life! There is noise! Birds chirping and what not!

I wonder what Mexicans reaction to one of those quiet, like dead quiet (cuz it is all literally dead or ‘sleeping’) winter days would be. Do you know the ones I mean? Where the silence is muted and almost deafening?

I think growing up here you would be used to the noise, we see babies sleeping through the loudest things! But does that mean it is good for you? The non stop barrage of sound waves? The ocean offers a nature reprieve but with its own symphony of sound!

Speaking of noise, then there are the barky perros.

Which don’t seem to affect or bother the Mexicans.

Yes I am being all general right now,  (can we just focus on the points and not get all ‘woke’ on my generalizations, please and thank you…) but I haven’t seen anyone, not once, being concerned or trying to quiet any barking perro. Some are just little high pitched yappers, just givener!

While on the topic of perros, there is the interesting treatment of the perros.

I need to preface this with –  it is not like I don’t like dogs, heaven forbid, talk about being cancelled! I suppose I am not a fan of all their owners and just the whole ‘thang’ of it.

Not currently going to fully get into all that but I think if you are a big lover of dogs it would be hard for you to see some of the regular things we see.

Sometimes you see people walking a dog on a leash.

But usually they seem to be tied up in a yard (or on a balcony). With some we have noticed never leaving said yard (or balcony).

Also all the strays and the condition of some of those strays…

Some of the distant perro fights have sounded quite deadly and vicious…

The chaos feels like a lot here too.

In Canamerica it is like everybody is constantly trying to tame the chaos which leads to so much anxiety and so many rules for everything!

Not truly a capitalistic society but some rule filled hybrid.

Apparently to protect us and keep us safe, but also so many frickin rules for a place that is supposed to be so ‘free’….

If it was truly capitalistic I would be able to strap a speaker to the roof of my car, drive around playing music and selling my book, and then be able to sell my books from the trunk of my car wherever I decided to park it.

Instead the powers that be want me to ‘get in bed’ with ‘mazon.

Rules that help the corporatocracy hem us in and keep us down.

Like everything anywhere there are good and bad things. I get that.

I guess I feel if we really want to be all ‘global’ and stuff, it would be amazing if countries actually learned from one another.

Somewhere could say “hey, we’ve learned that by doing something this way it has made people happy”.

And everyone could trade that kind of information to globally make everywhere better and people everywhere happier which, dare I say it, would be better for their precious global economy.

I realize I am a big thinker, but hey someone needs to be!

But I digress.

Mexico is wonderful and hot and interesting and chaotic, and many of the things I really enjoy that are thankfully very different from Canada. I am so grateful to be here and learning and having this experience. For me any of the negatives are far out weighed by the positives.

Danke so mucho for being here!

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Lady Beastie