If you check out MP Cranbrook Cop’s Foolbox account, you’ll find it’s chock-full of his violent posts about protecting semi-automatic guns, glorifying destructive coal mining, defending the anti-freedom frucker convoy & jingoistic attacks against King Trudy the Second’s “socialist” government, among other right-wing neo-con military propaganda. After aggressive gerrymandering by Darth Harper’s thankfully long-gone regime, the supposedly progressive leftists of neoliberal Nelsonia are represented by a former paramilitary Mountie whose toxic feed is a veritable grab-bag of all the authoritarian fascist insurrectionist warmongering espoused by the Republicanazis in the Disunited States.

Even though Robber Morrison (who weirdly enough has the same surname as nasty Nelsonia’s new Mayor B&B) would deny it until he’s Conservative-blue in the face that he is definitely a white power supremacist, there’s no doubt to anyone capable of objective analysis that MP Cranbrook Cop checks off all the boxes of a dyed-in-the-wool male chauvinist pig who only cares about the redneck type of misogynist constituents who think and act like him and future PM Pepe LePue. When a well-meaning voter from the West Kootenays dared to report that many citizens who aspired to book a meeting with him in the eastern part of his realm have a hard time doing so, while critiquing his single-minded focus on killing weapons over all other political considerations, the former armed enforcer huffed and puffed and spilled his bluster all over his page about how he “finds it a challenge to stand by and watch as you besmirch the dedicated and hard working staff who serve Kootenay-Columbia. These committed individuals have helped thousands of Constituents over the most difficult time in recent history and I want to hold them up and thank them for taking on that task. From COVID related issues to immigration, and everything in between, they have been loyal to the riding, helping folks from Revelstoke all the way to the US border and from the Alberta border all the way to and including Nelson. In fact, over half of all assistance has been provided to the beautiful mountain town of Nelson. You are welcome to comment, but you are not welcome to provide false narratives that only serve to divide. Any false comments in the future will be deleted”. Does that sound like a man who’s open to honest dissent and practical commentary based on someone’s own first-hand experiences and those of their oft-ignored compatriots?

It’s painfully laughable that a representative of the people can deny he’s obsessed with deadly guns when at least every second post or more is based on his love of humanity’s ‘god-given’ right to shoot things. There are never any pro-Indigenous matters paid attention to by MP Cranbrook Cop, until he finds an issue wherein the First Nations are standing up for their treaty rights against KT2’s hamfisted attempt to reduce gun crimes in his serfdom, and then the Robber totally supports the Indigenous interests on this one subject alone. “Liberals are coming for our guns!” registers as a 7 or 8 out of ten on the “Republican Political Traumatization Mythologies Meter”, as per former Drumpf acolyte turned staunch opponent Rich Logis, so the Cranbrook Copper is betraying his deep-rooted lust for the backwards-thinking identity politics and apocalyptic dystopia morality policing exhibited down south each time he posts about losing his ability to keep his itchy finger on the trigger.

Every eighty years or so, according to Arnold Toynbee, “when the last man who remembers the horrors of the last great war dies, the next war becomes inevitable”, and the Militant Mountie is a staunch proponent of the “strain of authoritarian fascism in Canamerican politics” that has existed throughout his privileged lifetime in which boomer-friendly trickle-down economics have ruined democracy more than any fever-dreamed socialist plot. There’s no doubt that the Nelsonia Police State’s Creep of Police is a staunch supporter of our gun-worshipping MP, as evidenced by his reported comments about the racial activists in his white-bred city whom he dismissed out-of-hand as “Marxists”, which echoes the divisive rhetoric wielded the last time we had a so-called Great War — as if there could ever be such a thing which involves mass slaughter, corporate profiteering & accumulations of grotesque oligarchic wealth.

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