When websites were first developed, I know cuz I was around, they weren’t intended for regular content sharing. Well they were but nobody did that, because nobody was on their devices that much, cuz they were slow and old technology! So flip forward some years and The Socials (what I call Social Media). The Socials then came onto the scene like bam! And everybody was like yes! The addictive quality of it and the dopamine hit and then I can be connected to people I never wanted to remember in the first place hurrah type situations! And I like so many others joined to check out photos of my friends kids. Then it became a business tool. A way to connect and announce what I was up to as a performing artist! Come to my show, look what I’m doing, please like me enough that I can eventually monetize on myself and be an influencer and save the world! Was that just me or was that what everyone was thinking? Or were ya’ll still just checking out photos of each others kids or meals? Coo coo, anyhoo flash forward to all the scheisse that has been going down over the last couple years, both personally for me and on a massive global scale! The Rona One-niner of course being the biggest and the one with the most potential to transform this ridiculous trajectory the human peoples are on. Just some cray dog hey what now happening kinda stuff eh. And also goodness. Must always reach for and grasp onto that goodness.

Anyhoo I could feel the yuck The Socials was insidiously doing unto me. I was starting to see the larger picture of yuck that The Socials was insidiously doing unto humanity. Then I watched The Social Dilemma. Have you seen it yet, or perhaps are you still holding off because of fear of what you may learn from it? Neither? Coo. NBD right. Well….. tis a big dealio to me actually. So Nope. Not for me. No longer. And I must tell you I feel SOOOOOO much better for breaking that addiction. It is an addiction to break. And every now and then when I need to contact someone on messenger or Insta and I go for a little toe dip, a tiny sneak. Bam! Yuck. Even if everything I saw was happy happy joy joy. Yes, to answer your question, I do miss out on things and yes I do have feelings sometimes on missing out on those things. But ultimately SO WORTH IT!!!

Sooooooo here we are, you and I are today. You clicked the link. You’re still reading, you have made it this far! Jahoooooo!

Old school, website. New school, treating my website as my own form of artistic social media. Giving me the website love (hits) and the artistic freedom and space and not The nast Socials.
Yes, I understand it may take a while to catch on cuz people aren’t used to it. #icanthelpitifiamazeitgeist Still gonna do it. Still doin it. Oh hey now! Turn that concern into support! Try something new! Maybe we can change the world! (ok whew that voice again. geez.)

I am so vv excited to embark on a platform like this, I never have before, Why? cuz lazy mayhaps or low self esteem or not deeming it important or worthy so basically self doubt or cuz complacent cuz The Socials mayhaps, but now, Bam! Yay!

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good times!

Mucho Danke for being here and please do come back!