Hiya, so remember that time not long ago when I was recommending things to watch and I was all like there is this BBC show on CBC Gem called Ghosts which if you know me you know I have a thing for the ghosts and I love the show and binged and was so glad there was a season two and hoping there will be more when to my intrigue and potential shock and dismay Jeffrey noticed a preview of what looked to be the show I had been gushing over only it was on Global TV, still called Ghosts.

I had to research and then to my actual shock and dismay I found it to be quite true! They have gone and made a terrible can-american remake of the BBC show Ghosts that I love! I mean I know I’m on the pulse but that was fast. The ‘merican version of course looks absolutely awful, which of course it does, they don’t get the humour, or just humans or ghosts who were humans, which of course they wouldn’t. The casting is typical and not interesting or funny. The caveman who is my favourite (almost, they are all so funny) looks ridiculously stupid on the ‘merican version. Just an absolute travesty! FFS WTAF The costumes look like costumes. The leads are not nearly as charming and engaging as their originals. I could go on.

I also checked it out and it looks like there is already a season 3 of the original and only (in my eyes) Ghosts on the BBC but not yet on the CBC. Season 4 has not yet been confirmed….

Why not show the original show?! FFS!!

Leaves are really going for their fall glory and the rain too!

Other than ‘The Office’ (which is one of the most famous examples even though the ‘merican version did prove to stand the test of time, probs because they didn’t try to to replicate the British humour are they are trying to with Ghosts) has ‘merican entertainment taken something you loved and tried to do it but made it worse?!

Coo Coo, coo.

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