The anti-choice CoN and its paid-off minions will defame the reputation of anyone who dares to critique soulless Ghoulievilleʼs insidious abomination against nature. You will be blacklisted here if you speak your truth about how so many outsiders justifiably disdain this bastion of White Master Heritage from a bygone era of intolerant cruelty. As in a cult, those who critique our psycho Dear Leader and his scarlet women pay the price of social exile and career crucifixion. Heartless Nelsoniaʼs sadistic goal is to reject multiracial democracy for a western chauvinist wonderland in which only non-white heads roll. 

John Stoehr could be talking about the Ghoulie Gang, the Falconer, MP Cranbrook Cop & the one fascistic dingaling who will rule them all when he states that, “The (Conservatives) are… offering the politics of white power, which is to say, the politics of the wealthy white Christian men who dominate Godʼs ʻnatural order of thingsʼ. If the (Conservative Party) has any policy concerns, they are for the protection of their white power.” 

“This is what attracts to the (Conservatives) some white working-class men. The politics of white power promises the opportunity to ascend the racial hierarchy – to reach the heights of their social betters so that instead of getting bossed, they can be the boss, instead of being white, they can be one of their superwhite petty bourgeois bosses.” 

“The peddlers of… conventional wisdom… tell us the Democrats are in trouble in the run-up to the midterms. The problem is a matter of class, they say, not a matter of race. That sounds convincing if you donʼt understand that we all live in the political reality that white power created. We are its inhabitants.” 

“Those who argue the Democrats face a problem of class, not race, understand neither. Neither do they understand that class is nestled in the cradle of white power and that white power defines class. In this political reality, the white working class can get whiter and nonwhite people (though not Black people) can become white under strict conditions and with extreme sacrifice. Such conventional wisdom harms the Democratsʼ ability to promote liberal democracy.” Around these country-hick parts riddled with boonie-bike bros who canʼt wait to enlist in Mad King Drumpfʼs insurrectionist mass-murder paramilitary, the Indigenous are treated worse than anybody by our armed civic goons. 

If you have any lingering doubts about how dangerous Canamerica is for non-white people, the original Indigenous peoples of this stolen land are almost eight times more likely to be violently killed than a white person. Eight times! That means every time an Indigenous person wakes up in this discrimi-nation, they are at least eight times less likely to see the next day than someone whoʼs from a colonial white settler clan. How many of the overprivileged herronvolk in your life seem to care in any way that we have a racialized part of our populace who are lethally terrorized far more than rich WASPs? At least we have systemic poverty experts like Doctor Elaine J Laberge who testify that, “There are structural systems in this country that leave lower-class (Canamericans) without all the necessities to survive, unlike middle to upper-class (Canamericans) who have access to rehab, education, proper nutrition, and secure housing, to name a few”. 

Alas, when the first South American Pope is here to inactively apologize for what his predecessors have wrought against our resilient Indigenous, we have a pompously elitist Prime Manipulator in King Trudy the Second who ignores the legacy of his residential school supporting father and flaunts his Keanu in Speed haircut as he just happens to pop in on the Okanagan right after our next PM Pepe LePue swung through town so that he could blithely shun the locals in favour of a authoritarian photo-op in which JT could pretend to not be the Kokanee Groper, all while he condemns Hockey Canamerica for doing as he does, not as he says! Does it sound like the diktat of a despot running a dictatorship when Justin Blackface decreed “as the Daily Courier reported, (that) reporters were ʻinvited to take pictures and videos, but forbidden in advance to ask any questions. Any shouted queries would result in police-assisted eviction from the various premisesʼ.” Is this a liberal country wherein free speech is encouraged, or what? The answer is no, as no matter whether itʼs Pierre Junior or the tyrant-in-waiting from Kowtown Universityʼs Konservative Klub in the oily heart of Greater Albertamerica, we still live in a sadistic christian-nationalist reich of sanctified domestic terror where Chauncey Devega can accurately write that, “In the years since the civil rights movement, open white supremacists have largely been stigmatized, marginalized, condemned and all but banished from mainstream (Canamerican) society. That’s especially true for neo-Nazis, who have existed mostly on the extreme outer boundaries of (Canamerican) public life”. 

“That has changed. The Age of (Ghoulie) has given permission for the worst of human behavior, and those kinds of norms have been twisted, bent or broken. (Mayor Ghouliani)’s regime, the current (Conservative) Party and the larger white right have been willing to amplify such voices, bringing them into the highest levels of government and power and, through ʻnarrative laundering,ʼ into the mainstream of (Canamerican) society and politics. (Ghoulieism) and (Canamerican) neofascism are at once a reflection, a cause and a symptom of growing racial authoritarianism and outright white supremacy, both in (Canamerica) and around the world.” 

“Today’s ʻconservativeʼ movement has become a big tent of the worst possible type. Many are ready to welcome or embrace white supremacists and other right-wing extremists. Others are content to look the other way, while demonstrating a shared affinity for many of the same fundamental values, beliefs and goals. Conservatives in the Age of (Ghoulie) are not willing to alienate their most enthusiastic supporters, even at risk at being seen as aligned with hate groups.” 

“The right-wing movement is working to end (Canamericaʼs) multiracial democracy and replace it with a pseudo-democratic Christian-fascist plutocracy, where a small minority of wealthy white men and their allies will rule over (Canamerican) society without resistance or challenge. In local, national and (provincial) elections across the country, various kinds of right-wing extremists are seeking office as (Conservatives). They understand today’s (Conservative) Party to be their natural home.” 

“A large proportion of (Conservatives) and a majority of (future PM Pepe LePueʼs) voters buy into the most important claims of the ʻgreat replacementʼ conspiracy theory, which holds that white people in (Canamerica) and other Western nations are being ʻreplacedʼ in ʻtheir own countriesʼ by nonwhite immigrants, as part of a deliberate strategy by ʻglobal elitesʼ (which tends to mean Jewish people). That conspiracy theory has repeatedly led to violence.” 

“White (Conservative) voters also believe that white people in (Canamerica) are the ʻreal victimsʼ of racism. These delusions and fantasies are central tenets of white supremacist ideology as espoused by neo-Nazis and other hate groups.” 

“Right-wing extremism, including neo-Nazism and other white supremacist ideologies, is a long-standing problem in (Canamerican) military and law enforcement. Repeated efforts to confront this security challenge, as we have just seen, are repeatedly resisted by (Conservatives) and the mainstream right.” 

“Today’s (Conservative) Party and the larger ʻconservativeʼ movement and white right are a clear and present danger to (Canamerican) democracy and (Canamerican) society… (as) part of a larger pattern of violence and radical extremism with the goal of ending America’s multiracial pluralist democracy and replacing it with right-wing minority rule. The (Conservative) refusal to monitor, deradicalize or purge white supremacists and other right-wing extremists from military and law enforcement is one obvious aspect of that larger strategy. Too many members of the mainstream news media and larger political class remain committed to the self-soothing fiction that contemporary (Conservatives) and ʻconservativesʼ are capable of being responsible partners in government and democracy. They are not, and it’s long past time to abandon that delusion.” 

As Jenn Budd, a former patrol and intelligence agent with the (Canamerican) Border Patrol sums up in a way that Constable Ghoulie of the Nelsonia Police State will never acknowledge, “It is difficult to address white nationalism and terrorism when our entire system is based on that ideology”. According to Stephanie Foggett, a resident fellow at the Soufan Center, “That lawmakers must address means to combat white supremacist and neo-Nazi infiltration of the armed forces and law enforcement should not come as a surprise: Violent extremist groups highly value having service members and veterans among their ranks. In recent years, current and former service members have been linked to these groups and movements… (Canamericaʼs) history already shows a worrying intersection between war and far-right extremism. The reality is that the armed forces and law enforcement are uniquely vulnerable to this threat, from extremist actors looking to recruit among the demographic to extremist actors looking to infiltrate these institutions to the vulnerability of veterans to recruitment following their service. It is a security imperative to root out far-right extremism in the military and police, for the benefit of the institutions themselves as well as for the country they serve to protect”. Once again, we have to watch out for those bad “extremist actors” who just need the work;) 

If Frankie of the Vatican gets why he must at minimum confess to our diverse Indigenous peoples on their soil, “I ask forgiveness, in particular, for the ways in which many members of the Church and of religious communities cooperated, not least through their indifference, in projects of cultural destruction and forced assimilation promoted by the governments of that time, which culminated in the system of residential schools”, then surely Catholic Tories like the Ghoulish Mayor of the decepti-CoN and our freedom fighting MP can grasp that they too must actively apologize without hesitation on behalf of their collaborationist levels of government that the Argentinean Pope implicates in his problematic quote. Stay tuned for the useless apologies from our partisan ʻleadersʼ that will never come, as the imperial landed gentry in charge of the Roman Churchʼs staged redemption tour sponsored by the dynastic family that federalized the residential schools wonʼt ever meaningfully address the call of the wise woman who yelled “shortly after the pope stopped speaking: ʻRepudiate the doctrine of discovery! Renounce the papal bulls!ʼ The papal bulls were 15th-century edicts that justified taking indigenous land, and many Indigenous leaders have called on the pope to formally rescind them”. 

As for whether Chateau Neuf de Papeʼs apology went over well with his dignified Indigenous audience, the comment by nupqu ʔa·kǂam̓ sums up many First Nationsʼ unswayed views when they note that, “The apology frames the harm of residential schools as the unfortunate error of individuals and not the coordinated intent of genocide by the Catholic Church, the Papacy, the Holy See”, which was echoed by Aylan who pointed out “while he spoke of the abuses endured at Residential Schools I noted he made zero mention of the sexual abuses that occurred”. And Nahanni Fontaine gives excellent advice to non-Indigenous folks about how, “Now is not the time for Settlers to offer any unwarranted and unsolicited opinions on the Popeʼs visit. Donʼt take up space. Offer support and just take time to learn what this apology means to some Residential ʻSchoolʼ Survivors”. 

In case youʼre still doubting whether the narcissistic misogynists of racist Nelsonia arenʼt ruling the patriarchal roost down at Shitty Hall, which still refuses to even recognize the existence of land-based Indigenous rights, “According to the annual Statement of Financial Information — prepared in correspondence with the Financial Information Act legislation — released recently by the city, 63 employees (out of around 180) earn over $75,000 with the City of Nelson, (and) of the 63, only 12 were women”! In typical white power fashion, the city-aligned Daily Snooze couldnʼt be bothered to highlight how the vast majority of pale-faced Ghoulie gangsters are Eurocentric sycophants. The prejudiced City Mangler hijacks the highest haul at $190,685 in order to botch the job as Ghoulieville devolves into a gentrified playground for snobs and playboys, currently infested with crotch-rockets zipping through town on their speedy trips from the metropolises to Sham-blah-blah; and the disgraced former Chief Finagling Officer got $183,777 to slander the mental health of his concerned citizens, while he sucked off the brownshirts at the unCanadian nonPacific railway who have enough cash to waste on champion golf shirt logos for their corporate propaganda, but they canʼt be shamed to clean up their toxic dump on Emperor Blacklockʼs corroded waterfront or give us a single railroad overpass. Meanwhile, the Nelsonia Crypt of Consumerism gets $77,520 to kiss the rings of Count Ghoulieʼs vampiric manservants, the Nelsonia Arts Council loots $39,200 to kowtow to the creepy CoNʼs uncivil capstone, the negligent Capitalist Theatre robs $70,200 of our taxpayersʼ money to cover up for their perverted ogre and his guilty accomplices & the whitewashed Touchstoned Museum tops them all with a quarter million to showcase the imperialistic damage that the colonizers did to the original inhabitants of this stolen land. 

Because as some savvy locals know, weʼre just trying to survive in this christo-fascist crucifix that “perfectly illustrates what Wajahat Ali (calls) the ʻfour-point plan (Ghoulies) have for brainwashingʼ their supporters. First, (Ghoulies) use any means necessary to achieve power and promote their unpopular, extremist, counter-majoritarian agenda. Second, they create and promote disinformation and lies to frighten their base and Jedi mind-trick them into believing they are being oppressed by the actual victims. The third step… is to create a villain and target them. One method is to destroy them, their careers, family, lives, and if there’s no inflammatory information about them, they make it up. The best example is Dr. (Bonnie Henry), who was the villain for the COVID-19 crisis because (she) told (Brutish Colonialists) to wear a mask and stay home until more was known about transmitting the virus… Fourth, as they scapegoat, smear and intimidate, they never apologize or back down once their lie is exposed, but instead, they double down, and in times of doubt, always pivot towards racism and fear-mongering”. 

Driven by greed, as the narco-state CoN always does at least two decades too late, the colonially-named Selkirk College and the Kootenay Rockies Tourism Traps have tardily released an all-too obvious report “called Exploring Opportunities for Cannabis Tourism in the Kootenay Rockies… that sought to establish a connection between the cannabis products successfully grown in the region for years, and attracting tourists”. At one point decades ago, hippie Nelsonia was in Rolling Stoner for its happening lucrative weed scene, but now itʼs just typically mediocre due to Captain Ghoulieʼs bigoted lust for white power. 

The last words go to Amanda Marcotte: “It’s easy to tell a story where the bad guys are too powerful to defeat. That excuses inaction and rewrites cowardice as rationality. The reality, however, is that these big-talking fascist pigs all too often turn into squealing piglets when confronted with consequences… The (Major Ghoulies) of the world love to pump their fists and act like big men. But if you actually give them chase, they run”.