AHHHHHH!! Can anyone believe it even?! I think it has been a solid 2 years I have been gearing up for this! Sometimes it takes me a hot minute. However I did it! I finally did it!!

I got a new phone.

What kind you ask?! I don’t know, really it’s not about that it’s about the potential of what fun can be done!

I’m excited and nervous and ready and not ready and all of the feelings!

Jahoooo. Grateful. Danke Christmas and Birthday contributions!

Danke for being here,


#forstmedia #newphone #techgetsoldtofast

P.S. My ps’s are getting good these days

It’s like they aren’t as official somehow..!

Our wonderful little movie earned some new laurels’ I thought I’d share, and a big congrats to Shanti Harris for winning best actress at the festival as well!

We will be releasing it to the public in April, if I haven’t mentioned that before!

Oh yeah, did I mention I got a new phone. Will take a moment to learn how to use also.