Even if it is just an anomaly, and just for a moment, it felt nice to hear reasonable words come out of a politicians mouth.

Danke for being here,


#forstmedia #voiceofreason #notthathard #itscallednuance

PS: also I highly recommend you do NOT watch the new ‘flix “Window with the girl in the house across the street” or whatever. It’s called tone Hollywood, and if you can’t do it, especially with material such as that, don’t fucking do it. Gross. Why is ‘popular’ mainstream ‘art’ constantly trying to convince, show and brainwash us into thinking that killing women is entertainment?

also does anyone even care about the Oscars any more even? Maybe you do? Do you?

also I don’t understand how society hasn’t rallied around f’box to at least, at very minimum upgrade their A.I. robot to more a positive algorithms situation?  Like seriously, f’box users, ya’ll going to just take it like that…?!! m’kay….

It seems like I rant,

when actually I laugh,

because I know this bullshit,

will also come too pass!