Can you even imagine if the Indigenous, or homeless or Bipoc or LGBTQIA2S+ or artists were having a ‘peaceful protest’ such as this trucker one? What the police response would be? What Government response would be? What the military response would be? What all those ‘God’ loving truckers response would be? What canadas response would be? I do believe they have shown us in the past, and it doesn’t look anything like this. Harder to beat somebody when they look like you I guess…..?

Probably a reasonable idea to meditate on for a moment if you haven’t already.

Oh and apparently shit is a weapon, (re: my post about where I mention throwing literal shit) as someone did throw some shit and get arrested. Some dog shit. So dog shit is a weapon, but the actual dog as it comes at me barking off leash isn’t? That person who poorly trained their dog, leaves them off leash to bark and charge people because hey, their dog is nice and everybody loves dogs, are they a weapon? Or have they just weaponized their dogs?  Am I a weapon if my shit is? Or is it only my shit that is a weapon and only if I throw it?

As an apparently non-essential artist (who has not been able to what I do for 2 years as truckers have been working the whole time, (fucking selfish non-resilient whining bully cry babies who would then argue they are doing this for my freedoms. Mother trucker christo-fascits (who the majority of the protesters are, and no I am not just getting my info from the lame stream media because I can see their twisted fucking agenda as well danke very much) do not speak for me danke very much)) who had already had enough of society and its’ stupidity and greed and bullshit, and was already finding it hard to re-emerge back into it, this whole ‘protest’ is just making it harder….

Of course it’s easy to look the other way and just ‘ignore’ what is happening when you are privileged enough to never have had to fight for your life and your rights. The privilege of ignorance. I’m going to say that one again to let it sink in, especially if you feel like none of this really affects you and they are just a small minority so you can turn a blind eye.

The privilege of ignorance.

How’s bout the olympics? Any attention being paid to that?!

Can you imagine a winter olympics where there is literally NO snow. With global climate extreme -ing happening, can you imagine that kind of absolute insane selfish ignorant in denial privileged fucked up BS? I guess no need to imagine as it is what is happening.

I usually get sucked into the games as I love all the stakes and drama and peoples dreams coming true or not and the stories and emotion. This year I am avoiding all of it. Far too gross for my taste. There is a certain amount of yuck I can forget on my BS meter but these games have to many yucks to be ignored.

Where you at these days? Paying attention? Staying privileged? Somewhere in the middle?

Danke for being here,


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