Why are there so many dark stories and tragic tales that go untold by the misguided CoN in its perpetual search to appear squeaky clean to the outsiders they yearn to corrupt? Whatʼs with all the secrecy around overdoses, abuses & assaults that weʼd never hear about from our fascistic media and authoritarian police state unless we knew folks? Privacy reasons are the likely excuse from our unkind guardians who donʼt care about most of us, but how hard is it to write a sympathetic and nameless article in the bylaw-officerʼs civic propaganda outlet about all the deaths of despair weʼve been suffering through here lately, instead of pretending as usual that everything is going so well in Nelsonia when everyone who lives here whoʼs not part of the Ghoulie Gang knows full well thatʼs not the case in the slightest? If everything was so peachy keen here, why are so many solid citizens planning how to leave town at the next pandemic opportunity? 

A creeping diabolical trend these infernal days is when well-compensated public employees congratulate themselves in civic and police-friendly media for doing their     communally protected jobs which theyʼre paid to do by the poor beleaguered public, when behind the scenes we get to hear about how they and their enablers are terrorizing the disenfranchised in our depressed populace with their egregious antagonisms and misogynistic disdain for those theyʼre also paid and sworn to protect and serve along with their golf and hockey buddies. Rather than working with us unarmed citizens to improve our besieged society overall so that there wonʼt be so many drug overdoses that they pat themselves on the back for reviving as theyʼre paid to do, the Nelsonia Police State thugs prefer to disgust the savvy among us with their unethical and immoral mistreatments of our less-privileged neighbours that we hear way too much about while nobody in power does anything to fight totalitarianism right here within these walls, let alone way overseas in the ancient homeland of clashing nations that existed well before Ukraine was ever a boner in RasPutinʼs big-boy pants. In other words, Ghoulies, why donʼt you clean out your own shit-house before you renovict pariah regimes on other continents when you have no idea how to solve your own poverty, homelessness & opiod crises? 

For obvious discriminatory reasons, this tyrannically prejudiced town tends to idolize divorced druggy sugar-daddies over the coterie of faithful grow-showers who used to support our industrially abandoned local economy with their extravagant spending on meals, haircuts, toys & trucks, etc.; as opposed to the newly predominant techno-rationalist fourth-generation clan members who hoard their money for their land-holding rackets and latest gentrified pyramid scams. As a result of the ass-backward CoNʼs prohibitive greed, nobody has any expendable money other than the self-designated ʻessentialʼ workers in this white supremacist snakepit who are quite happy to squeeze out the compassionate weed demographic due to their self-serving imperialistic war on drugs. What weʼre left with is a devious Manmoron cult that worships such homegrown gonads as the Kooky Mountain Cultist who unleashes the offensively worst impression of a German mountaineer youʼll ever see, along with the stinky potpourri of perverted classism ingrained at the Capitalist and unCivil Theatres, where all they do is celebrate themselves and their inability to win over the repelled community of donors on their own before they come looking for another unearned corporate handout from the deceptiCoN, because they canʼt do the public-relations jobs theyʼre being paid to do in the first place, which involve getting along with clients who arenʼt in their elitist clique of sycophants. 

How many invasive questions and fruitless budgets would a struggling artist need to fill out for that meagre thousand dollars that the Ghoulie Gang may as well have set on fire and thrown in the lake off their rotting dock for all the good itʼll do against Tsar PooPoo? Is the ghoulishly racist CoNʼs mandate not to protect its own citizens above all, as opposed to those who live well outside of our dirty city-limits? While the negligent Ghoulies continue to be obsessed about future global climate change and current Eurasian land wars which have nothing to do with their jobs paid for by the public purse, they persist in ignoring the municipal problems on the ground where most of them work but donʼt live. While Xi and his yes-men build thousands of coal-burning power-plants as you read this, Captain Ghouls and his spineless boot-lickers are trying to save the world one relatively useless and WASP-boosting energy retrofit at a time which solely benefit their approved profiteers. 

The only time you hear climate change mentioned by Count Ghouls and his monstrous manservants is when theyʼre trying to bail out their failed tech-shrine at the UnCanadian nonPacific palace for Wormtongueʼs oily business insiders, or when theyʼre stretching physics to develop the remaining slivers of developable land for their real-estate cronies on slopes they donʼt want to wash away, or to line the greasy pockets of their swollen members in the construction mob. Do you really think the City Mangler and the Chief Finagling Officer care about the health of our ecology? Because if they did, they wouldnʼt be doing everything in their Christo-fascist power to tick off the Indigenous ancestors, descendants & spirits in this Valley of the Lost Souls below Frog Mountain who know what itʼs like to survive brutal ʻWesternʼ imperialism at all costs. 

Itʼs so ridiculously apparent that the kowtowing CoN pays no mind to the concepts of karmic payback or honouring all of our relations when they debate how much they donʼt support local artists, First Nations activists, horticulturalists & the like who make their precious economy lots of golden rings. Captain Ghoulie of the Nelsonia Police State Bureau reads a lip-service statement about Indigenous land rights before ignoring their existence just like the feds do to this day, and all of his ʻconstituentsʼ applaud his omission with violent silence which is wholly indicative of their cowardly supplicant approval. 

Showing their true ʻwhite is mightʼ colours, the lumpish hypocrites at Shitty Hall abandoned their masks at the first chance they could get in person to see one anotherʼs sad-sack mugs, after spending most of last year moaning about how the unmasked were destroying their sanctified businesses along with the emergency benefits for those unsupported by the CoN whom it now says they should have supported all along. No matter what, you see, the Ghoulie Gang is right, and everything theyʼve ever done has been perfect, so why would there ever be a need to apologize or self-reflect about anything ever? Does this sound like any other blowhard dictator with a name thatʼs a word for fart that you know of? Bomb white folk, and the sick CoN (home of the Bombers) is there! 

Two words that so many whitewashers in Nelsonia are often looking for in vain are: Iʼm sorry. Itʼs that simple to say, yet carries so much power; but the creeps wrongly in power hereabouts find it so hard to say, even when theyʼre the ones with the most to be sorry about. In Ghoulieville, those who apologize least are those who should apologize most. 

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