Hihi, a few little observations I have made lately.

First, according to so many media things, apparently the true secret of happiness is tight abs. Gosh it is amazing how the media world is really hammering home those tight abs. Like the world would be ok if we all had tight abs. Seriously WTF OMFJ!!

Also there is some kinda feelings that get triggered when the new celeb fad seems to be to show off their pantries. No, not panties, although if they did I’m sure their abs would be super tight. There’s nothing as tone def as the world being on the edge of world war and rich people showing off all the food they have meticulously arranged in whole separate rooms that look like some fancy gourmet grocery store. With all the tight abs I’m left to wonder who is eating all that food?! Doesn’t seem to be them – re:abs?! Is it just a bragging right to say, “look at how much I have, and how much I could eat if I wanted to, but because I am so good at self control and self care and working out I don’t need all that food,” plus tight abs.

Also super f*ck you daylight savings. If it still exists next fall and everybody still falls for it and obeys the BS well, then the joke is on us. Seriously everybody is all obsessed over not wearing masks but then that BS is good to go. That isn’t a big fuck you to our freedom?! They gonna let that fly?  All the y’alls are going to chant freedumb but then just let the government boss and play y’all like that?! I have confusion over it. Perhaps my abs aren’t tight enough for me to understand?!

Also I must need to vent for a moment on this small backwards town I currently reside in. There are no parades here. For years. None. There is a grad cavalcade, with grads in cars. That is it. That does not a parade count. The Pride parade has happened and been wonderful but it does not make up for all other parades! Any place that is any fun, has any community togetherness and any vision should have at least one parade (other than pride), no? Parades are actually good pandemic entertainment, people can be outside and have distance. But nooooo. No parades here. The thing is, there used to be. Now there isn’t. How much more uncool can this city get?! Not sure, but the city seems to be really going for the most unfun, uncool ever?!  Are there tight abs though?! That is the really question the media wants to focus on! Tight Abs!!

Also, I would again like to thank all the dog owners for helping to make this March dog shit month. Nothing like melting dog shit everywhere. Hurrah for the dog owners. Such a considerate bunch.

I mean I guess with my daylight saving time hangover I am mildly grumpy about it all. But also WTAF FFS OMFJ

May your abs be tight, your pantry full and a parade grace your day, oh and watch out for that dog shit!!

Danke for being here,


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PS – New vlog out tomorrow!

PPS – I would even take a bunch of drunks in green running down the street and cheering on St.Patrick…not even going to get that here…

PPPS – Sexy cat photo, cuz why not?