Ex-Mayor Ghoulie’s corporate handout make-work project is coming back to haunt the latest Shitty Council, as the simple dock replacement down on the waterfront in the supposed main civic square has now ballooned to more than double the original overinflated price, with more financial pain to come now that its indulgent canopy concept has just been delayed indefinitely by the conflicted council. The sycophantic minions beholden to Count Ghoulie’s right-wing conservative propaganda originally doled out two million plus of the taxpayers’ money on a ridiculously over-elaborate plan to reward his corporate backroom buddies in the construction industry that is now priced at four-million plus and counting, and it’s not even near finished.

As predicted in this column two years ago when the foolish fiasco was greenlit by the previous Shitty Council featuring current Mayor B&B and present Councillors Woody, Bump-on-a-Log & Pager who were beholden to Old Man Ghouls’ grandiose talk about post-pandemic statement landmarks, there was no way that this albatross masquerading as a so-called world-class tourist draw would not be an absolute drain on the municipality’s stretched finances.

First of all, when neophyte Mayor B&B talks about wanting to bring people down to the waterfront with “something that stands proud”, she’s completely overlooking the sad fact that the uninviting walk from downtown to the lakeshore is divided in two by a highly unsafe highway intersection with dangerous crosswalks and overly quick pedestrian signals, plus the unsightly train-tracks intersection that blocks off the sidewalks and divides the town in two when explosive deadly freight cars rumble through the Valley of the Lost Souls without any federal accountability in the slightest.

When middle-of-the-road Mayor B&B says that “when she stands on Silica Street and looks down Hall Street to the water, she doesn’t see any reason to go down there”, she’s highlighting the absurdity of the much-vaunted “Stores to Shores” program that consumed her and the Ghoulie Gang for almost a decade, because there’s never been a good reason or attraction worthy enough to make citizens and tourists choose to dodge all the cars and trucks just to get to the simple wharf beside the ugly dysfunctional evangelical christian resort and the shit-infested dog park. A flouncy canopy which the newbie mayor thinks “will look good when lit up — a glow of warm wood” is not going to make many more folks want to brave the steep hill, especially when the only reward for their inaccessible effort other than a glorified roof over the foot of the dock is a tribute to the fossil-fuel burning imperial anti-Indigenous history of monarchic Nelsonia in the form of a showcased ancient speedboat beloved by the white power misogynists in the mafia-like Ghoulie Mob.

With the longtime incompetent City Mangler shepherding the multi-million economic disaster, it was a guarantee that an extremely ambitious architectural over-reach would become a debacle that Councillors Woody and Log-Bump would later be ashamed of. Under the vainglorious City Mangler who’s been on the job way too long, nasty Nelsonia has been unable for far too many years to replace its aging library housed incongrously in the racist cop-shop, along with its falling down fire-hall which everyone agrees is well past its due-date; let alone operate its neglected kiddie pool which has been shut down for the last three years due to not having enough lifeguards, and now has a destroyed pedestrian bridge in its midst where they still haven’t figured out how to rebuild the essential walkway through the park from the gazebo, even if the poor pool is open this summer against all odds.

The nincompoops in charge like the forlorn City Mangler and rejected former Chief Finagling Officer haven’t been able to get garbage picked up more than twice a month, despite some cities down south picking up their garbage every single day, which has led to dozens of unnecessary bear deaths; and they definitely haven’t figured out how to get vehicles, walkers & bikes around the crowded grid-pattern streets without causing all sorts of lethal mayhem even when it’s not snowing, as they refuse to clear the sidewalks for the working women and school children until all the chauvinistic men in their penis-enhancing trucks have been able to drive to the beer-and-wine store.

Expecting pompous Nelsonia to get its act together now with such flailing Manmorons at the colonial helm is a fool’s bet, which is why we can count on the White Heritage City to keep making the same avoidable mistakes well into the latter part of the decade.