Hola! It is time for a roundup!

These will include some potentially unpopular opinions. Doesn’t mean I’m not going  to say them. Also doesn’t mean they aren’t true just because they might make someone uncomfortable. Shall we?!

First off I am still rocking my long claws so typing is a bit of a thing!! (See last post)

Let’s start recent and work our way back!

Jully Black’s recent rendition of ‘O Canada’ was right on. One of those “it is so obvious, I wish I had been singing it that way for years”. It is our home ON native land and henceforth, along with the other changes I have been singing for years like “in all our people’s command” and “let’s keep our land, glorious and free” I will definitely be adding this change! For anyone who has a problem with her intelligent addition, be aware your racism is showing.

Also just a friendly reminder for those who enjoy the Superbowl, or the Stupidbowl as I call it, there is an insane rise in domestic abuse because of it. Also Fenty Beauty is not as earth conscious as it claims to be. It is always good to have awareness of these things. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

If our world was actually like a superhero movies that everyone apparently loves, ya’ll realize that E-musky and R-murdick would be the super villains the hero’s would be fighting against right? How’s your twitter account? Oh let us not forget J-bozo. How are those ‘mazon orders? Like I said a certain level of awareness is a good thing!

Oh Madonna….yes, let us talk of her face…So here is the thing, if she really was all that she claims she is and all that I thought she was, she would have allowed herself to age naturally. That is a bigger ‘fuck you’ than giving into the patriarchal misogynist beauty standards that she has ultimately fallen victim to. So when fans come at her abut what has she done to her face and why does she look so weird, it is because we thought of anyone she would have not fallen into the patriarchy beauty machine. She would have stood up for all women and aging, and when them came at her about her wrinkles we would have stood behind her with wild abandon, thinking yes finally a famous person who isn’t afraid to age and still be sexual and relevant and stick it to ‘the man’. Gosh imagine if she had jut allowed her face to age naturally. What a beautiful act of rebellion that would have been.

A wee moment  for Jen and Ben at the Grammy’s. First of all has there ever been a couple that more clearly shows the different expectations between men and women. Ben always looks terrible and washed and old and like he smells like cigarettes and that is somehow ok, while Jlo looks pristine and done up and like she smells like a lot of perfume. Perhaps Ben was having time at the Grammy’s because he is recovering addict and everyone around him was drinking and drugging up a storm. I wasn’t there, just seems like a possibility.

I would also like to mention to (especially men) like the Toronto mayor that if you are thinking about having an affair, especially at work, you will probably get caught. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea. And if you are so darn horny that you  just can’t take it ad you  just must get off, perhaps a better thing to do would be to masturbate. If you don’t want to support nasty porn sites, may I recommend our book ‘The Breeding Hut” which is sex positive and will most certainly get you off and in wayyyyy less trouble. You can order it here on the site.

And some travelling curiosity that boggles my mind….Gringos come to Mexico, hopped up on their white supremacy, (the unconscious racism is astounding) but then they all work real hard to get real tanned, like a good tan is some sort of status symbol, while they love their whiteness?! It is pretty darn confusing. Like, if you think because you are white you are so much better than everyone, why are you trying so hard to look like the Mexicans and not white? So odd. Baffles me.

Couple of Nflix recommendations. (I know Nflix is not all peaches and cream but life is some give and take yeah?!)

Lockwood & Co. – Is really well done. Very much enjoyed it!

Cunk on Earth – Laughed so darn hard. So darn good.

While I’m on the topic of Nfilx could someone please pass on this suggestion to their higher ups for me.

Instead of just ordering one season of something and then seeing how it does and then pissing everyone off when it is left unresolved and you cancel it and un-employ everyone who was working on it. How’s about if you take a chance on something give it the 3-5 seasons the creators probably have all mapped out, shoot them all at the same time, which would be wayyyyyy cheaper, let the creative people do their jobs and fulfill the story. I think everything would be wayyyyyy more successful. Also fans wouldn’t have to wait years for the next installment to be released. Just better. It would be wayyyyyy better for everyone!

Whelp that is all from me for today!

Our time in Mexico is coming to and end, somehow way to quickly….it is going to be hard to leave the heat and the fresh food at reasonable prices, not to mention swimming in the ocean and all the amigos we have met. I guess that is why people travel as opposed to staying in one place for a while, it saves you from becoming to attached. Sigh.

Danke for being here and checking out my roundup of potentially unpopular opinions.

Any unpopular opinions you are rocking? Don’t think mine are too shocking? I would love to hear from you!

Lady Beastie