“I feel a renaissance emerging, and I want to be part of nurturing that escape in any way possible.” – Beyonce

Beyonce is so gentle and beautiful about it, where as I have been silently shouting #letsrenaissancethis since the pandemic began.

I like how this curated space gives me a time stamp on things. So when Beyonce starts saying Renaissance, I have some hard proof of my forecasting abilities.

Renaissance is a rebirth.

Gosh golly gall darn-it, it’s hard to feel hope when you are drowning in smoke.

But then imagine how bleak the middle ages were. Like real rough stuff, nasty bull schiesse, and all the religious what not, I mean, it must have seemed bleak for people then too.

I always like to think if I was alive then I would have been one of those roaming passion players, who were theatre people, but there were no theatres so they travelled around and had to put on passion plays that were all about how great god and jesus and the church were because if you performed anything else the church would probs kill you for heresy or something. But at least I would be traveling and performing.

Gosh, so imagine for those artists when the Renaissance began…. Bam… I just imagine sparkles, light and pastels! Not saying that’s what it was, just what I imagine.

The Renaissance began when a whirl of newness and things converged to provide the right climate for it. (Like the printing press.) Thus when the pandemic started I was hopeful it would be the spark that set in motion changes for the better of humanity and our planet. But is the Fbox our modern printing press? Is it going to be able to achieve what is needed to Renaissance the way the original printing press did? hmmmmmmm…

So far I guess things get worse before they get better. Right? I’m pretty sure that’s a thing.

If Beyonce has hope and is talking about it, maybe I still do too.

#butseriouslyletsrenaissancethis #forstmedia #beyonce

Before I go want to remind you of sweet fun Mural Fest happening this weekend! I will be live Saturday night at 8pm! I suggest dancing shoes cuz the lineup is groovin smooth to get you moovin!

Danke again for being here. Mucho.