Ya know just getting into the whole democracy situation in Can-America, nbd. Oh wait or is it a big deal?!

Here’s what is getting my goat. The journalists never ask the right questions and it is beyond frustrating. Jeffrey always reminds me that if they did ask the right questions they would not be let back into the arena. So instead we apparently have this whole freedom of the press thing but where you actually have no freedom to ask what you want to or what needs to be asked or you get kicked out and cancelled. Legit.

Remember when journalism used to be able to hold things accountable?! Or did they ever actually….?

Just for reference, what my brain is having a moment with is the whole Kev Mcart. situation. The reporters keep asking if he did, well he didn’t and we know that because we heard the tapes, he didn’t, we already know the answer to this question, what we don’t know is and what the question should be is “what happened to make you change your mind from those phone calls?”  “Why did you choose not to hold drumpf accountable?” “What offer did drumpf make that you couldn’t refuse?” Those are the answers I’m looking for.

The question isn’t when or if the Indigenous people of Canada are going to get clean drinking water, but why haven’t they? What is holding up the process?

These are intensely political times and I think it is important to keep asking the right questions and educating ourselves on what is going on and especially how our clicks and spending habits can change the world.

I appreciate your clicks a great deal. I appreciate them far more than ole Zuck does.

And again I am going to go on about the whole re-renaissance situation we are in. Democracy is great and all but it was also imagined a very very very long time ago, and I have a feeling it worked better when the population was not so big. So again, now that we are finding ourselves with fascism lurking all around, perhaps it is finally f*cking time to relook at all the things and come up with a better, more modern democratic system and ideas that suit where we are now, not where we once were. It’s not rocket science.

This is a prime example of if you are trying to just stay on the fence and not choose a side, and just not be interested in politics or feel like it doesn’t matter,  then you are choosing the side of the oppressors. If you are just trying to carry on with your life as it was before and not take a good hard look at your clicks and spending, you are on the side of the fascistic dictators. Sometimes there can be minutia in these situations, but around these things, it is straight forward. It’s not just me saying that, it just is. Like for a wee example, nestle chocolate at Easter is not an ok option and if we all were aware of what products they produce and didn’t give them our money support perhaps they would have to f*ck off and not keep being a despicable company that believes clean drinking water is NOT a basic human right. But yeah, yummy chocolate right?

I guess I should be focused on pumping up my show this Saturday and what not. But at this point I am so tired of playing by ‘who’s’ rules around marketing and advertising and hustling and algo-beats all the things, that I am going to do it in my own way. I will rerenaissance my own scheisse that is not dictated by A.I. or wasps whiteness or the cult of colonialism or what is deemed cool. I will redefine my own life and artistic practises and successes and narratives.

Kindness is key and that is the place I am working to grow and live from. It’s tricky, it’s not norm core and it won’t be easy, but it is beyond worth it for my own peace of mind.

I am not saying I’m perfect (far from it) I’m not telling you what to do (if you want to support fascism and dictators and money hoarders and racist colonialists and nestle and stay blissfully ignorant, that is your prerogative). I am just sharing that this is the growth and learning I am up to.

Oh yeah and I hope you get a change to check out all my creative endeavours these days. There is lot’s to choose from!!

Danke so mucho for being here,


#forstmedia #letsrerenaissancethis #kindnessiskey

P.S. and yes if you are like but “Lisel you post on Insta about your scheisse”, It’s true I am still using the platform to remind ya’ll that I exist over here, I am very conscious of keeping my clicks down and I am prone to motion sickness so I find scrolling actually makes me nauseous! So old Lady Beastie of me!!

P.P.S. also on the note of what I am on about, ole musky there could have solved the world hunger problem but instead decided to buy twitter. Let that sink in for a moment.