Whew, it has been a hawt minute since I have had to do any press releases or radio interviews! Kinda out of practice!

That being said thank you to Kootenay Coop Radio for having me on this morning.  It’s like once you speak in public about what you are up to it becomes more real!

I dropped a big nugget about that secretive project I have been working on….

No fair, I know, if you have been following this site and then I didn’t pre warn about the interview and what not.  I will have the audio link here later today for you as well!

Here it is!


My pixie-ness likes the easter egg hunt of it all!

So, if you haven’t been to the events page recently, and you don’t want to wait for or listen to the link, there is a big clue in the press release!

First person who can tell me what it is I speak of, and either leaves a comment or sends me an e-mail will get an extra special sneak peak of the project!! (I will need your email address to send it!)

So excited to start speaking about it and sharing it all….it’s making me sweat!


Danke so mucho for being here!


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