Oh Hiola! Welcome back!

Fall is just not my jam, but I do my best to be grateful all the days even though it’s getting cold and everything is dying…!

Here’s what’s in my brain that I want to share:

Survivor season 41. Wow I have been watching this show for a long time! It helps me through the fall as every week I get to go to a beautiful warm beach! This season looks like fun, they are always up to new things with the game and that’s great. What is not great is that the prize is still a million dollars. Which 20 years ago was pretty good, but these day’s not so much. They really need to up the prize money especially since they have made this season even harder! For those who are curious I watch it online on global T.V., they only let you watch the episode free for a week then it is locked.

Linda Evangelisata and her face. Linda was a big influence for me at a young age. She was Canadian hot and huge just as I was starting to get into fashion. Here’s the quick and dirty. While a beautiful face, she didn’t ever come across as a nice person. She always has seemed like, well, a bitch. So it is unfortunate for her that a cosmetic procedure she used to keep that skinny face youthful glow has resulted in her ruining her iconic mug but it seems to me that is that chance one takes when you do weird stuff to your face. She definitely looks unrecognizable as herself however she is saying she is disfigured which quite frankly is insulting as she still looks like a beautiful woman, just not what she used to look like. I’m calling karma on this one. Tough Beans. Gosh there is just so many crazy cosmetic procedures these days. There is so much one can do without surgery even. I wonder if the stars get sad at all and miss their old faces and wonder if they would look more like themselves (and better) if they had just allowed age. Ahhh misogony.

And lastly for today…..I have been enjoying some Canadian programming! Schitt’s Creek showed us it was possible! CBC gem is actually a gem. Free to sign in. There are a number of great programs!

Ghosts – anyone who knows me knows I love ghosts and this show is funny. To be fair it is BBC not CBC and I am highly enjoying.

Great British Bake Off – The original and greatest of the baking shows. Anyone who knows me and my love for Santa will also understand my attraction to Paul Hollywood. I learn a lot of great tips and it is easy fun watching!

War Of The Worlds – Season 2 stars in October. I really enjoyed the first season. Anyone who knows me knows my love for post apocalyptic tales and this one is great.

Moonshine – I have only seen a couple of episodes but colour me impressed.

Baroness Von Sketch – Funny. Good. Funny. They do good and are funny.

Escape to the Country – For my house hunting fix.

Grand Designs – For my love of architecture.

Trickster – I enjoyed this show, it’s too bad about the controversy and I don’t think we are getting more seasons.

Pretty Hard Cases – was good, I hope we get more!

Canadian Bake Off is there and Schitt’s Creek and Portlandia even!

So CBC Gem actually has a lot of solid entertainment!

Have fun, enjoy, hope you find something new and fun in there!

Danke for being here,


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