Hihi, I would like to take this moment to introduce you to May Davis, (if you aren’t already aware of her greatness).

In fact before you keep reading, go open another window or tab or whatever and click on May’s website and head to music and then play ‘Tiger’s Eye” in the background while you read the rest of this.


Got it on? Kk, keep reading.

I was fortunate enough to meet May while hosting the Revelstoke Garlic Festival. (oh how fun was the RGF…will it be back? We don’t know. But if it is I surely will go!) I was blown away and charmed by her talent, her joy and and her beautiful star ease and kindness. Her voice is strong but like velvet at the same time. Her music has carried me through stressful times and added a entrancing background to many moments.

Gosh, I gush and feel so humbled and grateful to be able to spend time with such a special being.

She is currently on a B.C. tour, (all the dates are on her website,) if you live in one of the places she will be, do your soul a favour and go see her play. While you’re at it pick up her C.D.’s too. You can play them in your car (if that’s the only place you have a C.D. player) and you’re welcome!

Danke to your wisdom for being here, you know forstmedia is the place to get all the juicy nuggets like this!

I appreciate your clicking choice to click here.

Lady Beastie (the transition is happening….)

(kinda makes me nervous)

(also kinda awesome)

(ohhhh, May’s song ‘One Way Ticket’ just came on and filled me with the most inspiration and YES!)

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