Oh Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

It’s meeeeee!

Am I back? Was I gone? What happened? Where am I?

I guess when people take a bit of a posting media break they usually announce it.

I guess I didn’t realize I was going to. Am. Still kinda am. Where? What ? Who ?

I just started having anxiety about posting.

Now that the world has gone crazy posting on so many platforms and everyone is an actor and a comedian and a creator somehow it makes me want to go the other way even though I too am all those things…..and the other way is ….silence? Not sharing?……?

Very thankful the Golden Heron has been so dedicated and doing such a wonderful job of posting regularly and challengin ghte norm core.

currently I am wondering if I should leave what my breain has typed and not correct it. Just a bit.

How are you though? What has been going on? Has life been ok?

The times are for sure super cray,

with hypocracy again on the menu today.

(that was a rhyme)

At some point I will feel some drive again. Right?!

At some point I will get done those things like getting my poetry book up and for sale on the site!…..

Which if you want one you can always just dm me and I will ship it to you.

Poetry, colouring $20. Good times.

At some point I will let you all in on a wee little big new project that is upcoming.

At some point….

For now I appreciate you.

I appreciate you being here.

I would love for you to sign up the emails if you aren’t already.

At some point I am going to learn more about the emails and send special ones…..at some point…

I hope you are well and having a good not to climate crazy smokey etc. summer!

Mucho danke and love to youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Thank you for being here and gracias too!  (another rhyme)

Lisel Lady Beastie