I’m not sure what the summer weather is looking like where you are.

Actually, I am going to expand my thought on that, because in some places on the earth it is winter and there is a possibility that someone reading this may be in a winter place?! Who am I to know or discriminate!

Let me start again!

Where I am currently in beautiful backwoods canada it is full on summer right now and it is about to get HOT HOT HOT!

Like real hot. Like feeling like 40 kinda hot.

I am one of the few people I know who actually enjoy this kind of heat. I think I spoke to it in another blog, probably many times!

So if you are one of those people who do NOT dig the super hot temps, here are some tips to stay cool from someone who digs being hot!

Get wet! It’s the best thing to do if you can. Mist, hose on down, stick your feet in an ice bath, wear a wet shirt or at least a wet bandana around your neck. I enjoy being hot but those things will cool you right down!

Don’t over do it in the sun, like working too hard or going too fast. Slow it on down, chill it on out. Wear a hat, in fact wear a wet hat!

Mainly don’t fight it. The heat will win and your being hot at being hot will just make you hotter.

Oh yeah and there are these great inventions from long ago used for a cooling purpose, they are called a fan. They are propelled back and forth by your hand, thus creating a cool breeze on your head, wherever, whenever you need it!

I have a couple of my Grandma’s old old fans, beautiful painted fabric, I’m sure they sat in drawers for years, now they are a summer staple! Keeping my head cool! For those times I want a little cool down!

Anyhooo, danke for being here! Did you see I added a Pitch In page? perhaps have a gander…I’d love to know what you think!

Danke all the muchos, Stay cool,

Lady Beastie

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P.S. yes the site was having a moment of difficulty, should be all good now, danke for your patience and coming back!!