The Piggish Nelsonia Police State Covers Up Its Racist Past and Present 

A whole week after the big-city news broke their predictable story, the Daily Snooze finally got around to writing about the “internal request for an investigation of eight present and former Nelson police officers (which) is underway, (as) the provincial Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner has confirmed”; but of course the belated take by the bylaw-officerʼs civically aligned online rag framed his prejudiced buddiesʼ bigotry just like a neutral court stenographer would, as its milquetoast writer sided with the government clerks in his supposedly objective reporting, which doesnʼt even dare to question a single element of the thin blue lineʼs unrepentant spin-control for its disgraceful officers. 

Weʼre in a bizarre age wherein boastful hubristic leaders are counter-productively whining in public about how they keep getting duped by their own devious kind. Heat-Dome Horgsy complains about getting duped by King Trudy the Second who used to be his best friend, but is now “ghosting” him and refusing all picnic lunches in the civic park now that itʼs not a federal election. Endlessly gullible Drumpfers keep getting grifted by Il Duce de Mad-o-Lago, even after heʼs been kicked out of the freemason presidency for his insurrectionist hissy-fits. Blue-ball Yankee Dems appear to love getting swindled by their own Senator Virgin Manchild the coal baron whoʼs ushering in the oligarchsʼ takeover of Canamamerica, as he squashes all attempts to rein in his own complicit classʼ fossil-fuel demons. More than anybody, ostrich-like Nelsonites are getting royally duped by Mayor Ghouliani and his private army of kowtowers at Shitty Hall — each paid by us! — who falsely idolize law-and-order if the one-sided badge serves them alone, when in truth theyʼre the sneaky traitors who advocate for an antidemocratic white power revolution as the solution to their monoracial quest for an Aryan nation of psycho frat-boy occultists and their misled scarlet women. In general, why do so many locals accuse Olʼ Ghoulie of being a NWO plant? 

“When contacted by The Nelson Daily, OPCC deputy police complaint commissioner Andrea Spindler said in an email response that she couldnʼt comment or confirm many of the details of the investigation currently underway.” How shocking: the law protecting the law! “However, given public reporting in this matter we can confirm that, as a result of a request from the chief constable of the Nelson Police Department, a disciplinary conduct investigation was ordered on Feb. 3, 2022, and is underway with respect to eight present and former Nelson police officers into potential misconduct under the Police Act related to participation in a WhatsApp chat group, and the sharing of inappropriate content and messages including alleged racist comments.” Guilty as charged? 

“Currently, no one is suspended from the active NPD force,ʼ said Nelson chief constable Donovan Fisher. Suspensions are a decision of the Discipline Authority assigned to the matter and would be based on information that is gathered either during, if serious enough, or at the conclusion of the investigation.” So in less covert terms, more than a few racist cops whom the Creep of Police snitched on are likely out on the beat with his cruel blessing right now being more racist on our gentrified mean streets of shame. 

As police state expert Mark McCormick asserts, “Officers who have stronger feelings of support for the disgusting rhetoric that the former president spewed regularly may have some biases that would potentially lead to biased negative treatment of members of those groups. In my opinion, both racism and sexism should be dealbreakers in law enforcement due to the nature of their job of serving all of the public”. Will we voters of the autocratic CoN ever know exactly what Captain Ghoulieʼs anti-peace officers allegedly spat up online on a WhatʼsUp, Bro app, while being paid salaries hijacked from their corporate shareholdersʼ hard-earned money? Regular readers of the Golden Heron know that the odds of ethical disclosure happening in the corrupt Nelsonia Police State under their Ghoulish Leprechaun Board Chair are extremely low. “But,” McCormick encourages us, as if he were responding to our own policing nightmare, “we shouldnʼt stop there. All complaints against officers and any disciplinary action reports should be made public. Law enforcement officer salaries are paid through taxpayer funding. Does such speech demonstrate clear bias, a violation of their oath to serve and protect all members of the public equally?” The three-month delay between the internal affairs complaint being made against our pigs in cyberspace and its public airing tells its own story. 

Deepening their stinky pile of smoke-screening BS, the unapologetic Creep of Police obfuscates further by whitewashing, “Although there may be matters that need to be addressed based on the outcome of a full investigation, I continue to have confidence in the officers of this department and their ability to serve the community”. Why do negligent authorities expect us to trust them ever again, after theyʼve repeatedly demonstrated their inability to lead in a trustworthy fashion? As a case in point, the Executive Dictator of the Capitalist Theatre was wrongly angered by the fact that a married artistic couple wouldnʼt trust her any further, after she unaccountably vouched for a perverted ogre whose negligence led to a near-death incident that they failed to cover up while persecuting the credible whistleblowers. McCormick could be talking about our non-white communityʼs loss of trust in vindictive Major Ghoulie and his sanctified klan of lawless gunmen, which has been defamed by the unsurprising confirmation of many concerned citizensʼ stated belief that our overly armed ʻleadersʼ are imperialistic tyrants, when he writes, “The fact that many white officers identify with a man with these kinds of views is chilling to people from communities who already disproportionately bear the brunt of stops, searches and police use of force. Thereʼs not a ton of difference between racist language and racist actions where officers are concerned”. 

Commissioner Spindler may feel like sheʼs being reassuring when she blithely confirms that, “The (NPD) investigation is being conducted by the Vancouver Police Department — under the civilian oversight of the OPCC — to make sure (it) is thorough and complete.” Holy hell on this fiery earth, why would anyone with an ounce of sanity trust a gaggle of notorious jackboots from Brutish Coloniaʼs most historically racist city which refuses to acknowledge their own armed goonsʼ proven systemic racism to handle a reported investigation of racism by rural pigheaded officers drunk on our public-dime? When youʼre dealing with the Nelsonia Police Dynasty which “is among the oldest in the province, coming into being as a municipal police force on April 17, 1897”, racist cops are going to get paid by us whether theyʼre investigating racists or being racists. Again, McCormick could be describing alcoholic tech-obsessed Ghoulieville and its scandalous fuzz when he notes, “Ideally, police protect communities. But if weʼre sealing police files and remain unwilling to weed out officers with histories of discrimination and violence, itʼs Black and brown communities that will need protection from police”. 

Whatʼs really going on here is the Ghoulie Gangʼs eagerness to turn progressive multiracial rights back towards how things used to be in their dated White Master Heritage dreams. As Amanda Marcotte writes about the antebellum CoNʼs secret agenda, “(Conservative) propagandists used to drape the anti-choice movement in fake piety, to put a moralistic veneer over what is actually a desire to punish women with forced childbirth. Clutching Bibles while making maudlin speeches about ʻbabiesʼ was helpful to lull the press into presenting anti-choicers (like Ghoulie) as well-meaning Christians instead of the sadistic misogynists they are… because to truly understand the rising threat of fascism, it’s important to understand the role that misogyny and toxic masculinity play in it”. 

As an embodiment of our Dark Canuck culture tainted by all of the cowardly chauvinistic boonie-bike bros who infest these occupied tentacles of Greater Albertamerica, the bigoted founder of the criminal Proud Boyz is a white settler of Maple Leaf Inc. named McSinner who “was unapologetic about romanticizing ʻtraditionalʼ marriage, in which women are submissive and financially dependent on men. He and his followers wallowed in outdated stereotypes accusing feminists of being sad, barren ʻcat ladies,ʼ which really says more about their pathetic fantasies than women’s lived realities. Critically, though, (McSinner) didn’t present these as religious arguments. Instead, he appealed directly to the deep insecurities in his audience, telling them that they needed no excuse other than bolstering their own egos to demand women be kept in second-class status”. Anybody whoʼs spent time eviscerating Grandpa Ghoulieʼs fake goofy old guy persona knows that he would kill for a Handmaid’s Tale world wherein our freedom-fighting future PM Pepe LePueʼs masculine nihilism holds sway. 

Falling in line with their brownshirts, K-townʼs right-wing Castanet gushed over our next authoritarian Prime Misogynist straight from Cowtown Uʼs crazy Conservative Club on his freedom frucker tour of redneck bastions that will vote for his sorry jackass when they grovelled at his jackboots: “The likely next leader of the federal Conservative party rolled through the Okanagan Friday. Pierre Poilievre, who is polling at around 50 per cent among Conservatives, met with party faithful, local MPs and business leaders before leaving for Vancouver”. The slavish usage of “faithful” in this secular context makes one think of cultish religiosity, does it not? “It’s long held that Conservative leaders move to the right to win a leadership race then rush back to the centre during an election campaign. Poilievre says he won’t fall into that mentality, instead staying true to his policies, (as he) takes exception to the characterization the Conservative party is moving further right than it ever has”. Hold your breath, cuz hereʼs some rancid baloney from our inbound Prime Masturbator himself: “Balanced budgets, low taxes, resource development, freedom of speech are all core Conservative values that our party has championed for decades. I would say that they are mainstream Canadian values that both Liberals and Conservatives used to embrace unanimously. What has happened is the Trudeau Liberals have become radicalized”. But not the anti-choice pro-gun Conservative mob? 

If you can handle any more of Pepe LePueʼs Christo-fascist bile, “(Liberals) have embraced money printing deficits that have caused runaway inflation, they have tried to censor what people see and say on the internet, they brought in the Emergencies Act to seize people’s bank accounts, they have blocked resource development to make our people poorer. Those are radical policies that are out of touch with mainstream, moderate Canadians.” To the detriment of anyone whoʼs not in a colonial “legacy family” tree, the “mainstream, moderate” Canamericans that Cowtownʼs whitest dork is bleating about such as the Ghoulie gangsters at Shitty Hall are the radicalized nationalists who are still selfishly clinging to their privileged anti-Indigenous laments disguised as sound economic policy. 

Amanda Marcotte perceives all too well how much MP Cranbrook Cop and Don Ghoulieʼs mafia-like “secularization of misogyny and homophobia as ideologies is an underreported phenomenon, especially in light of how dangerous it is. As the explosive growth of the Proud Boy(z) since the Capitol insurrection suggests, there are a lot of white men who are bitter about gender equality and racial diversity but aren’t exactly keen on having to get up for church on Sunday mornings to justify themselves. Defeating (Ghoulieism) means grappling directly with the rise of misogyny and homophobia, especially the secular flavors of it, and rebutting those views forcefully. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people in both mainstream and liberal media (such as the Dark Star and the Daily Snooze) who are pretty sexist themselves and don’t want to admit that women or LGBTQ people are important enough to hate. That makes it hard to have an honest public conversation about how much (Ghoulieism) is fueled not just by racism, but by this attachment to rigid gender roles that benefit straight cis men to the detriment of everyone else”. Naive Nelsoniaʼs elitist capstone is infested with white dudes! 

“As the smirking (Ghoulie) shows, the people who are willing to go to the mat for forced childbirth aren’t just the Bible-thumpers. It’s a larger coalition of everyone who experienced nervous sweats during the #MeToo era and sees this as an opportunity to put women in their place. It doesn’t matter to the misogynist (Ghoulie) coalition, however, because the goal is restoring straight male supremacy, no matter how many lives they have to destroy to get there.” Need it be said that the icky CoN reveres sugar daddies? 

In case anyone still believes in a utopia where Canamerican unity will be restored post-Fuhrer Drumpf, former Tea Party drinker Joe Walsh who has defected did an interview with Chauncey Devega in which he “warns that the Democrats are being routed by (Conservative)-fascists and the larger right-wing movement because they refuse to accept that (Canamerica) and the world are in a populist moment of rage and anger at ʻthe elitesʼ. Walsh also warns that today’s Democrats have no momentum or energy to effectively counter this anger, because unlike the MAGA movement and TrumpWorld they lack a sense of group identity, cohesion and sense of mission and destiny”. 

And while weʼre with Chauncey, his talk with Doctor Mark Goulston details exactly how white supremacist rogues like Constable Ghoulie and his weaponized minions bully their sycophants in this mousy town who pretend to dislike his passive-aggressive hatefulness wrapped up as evangelical patriotism: “The people that have trouble with conflict are not bullies. Bullies like to stir up conflict. Such people can get the best of us not only through their bullying behavior but also through their whining and excuse-making behavior. They can outrage us with their behavior. But if we are the type of person who is uncomfortable becoming enraged, then we will do everything we can to suppress our desire to confront that bully, to fight back, to stand up to them in a strong way”. 

“As soon as the bully sees that we are restraining ourselves, then they push us harder from being outraged to turning that anger inward through a dynamic I call “in-rage.” Most people are so uncomfortable with their anger and rage they use almost all their energy to keep a lid on their feelings. Many Democrats, and other rational-minded people more generally, believe in respectful discourse. Those feelings of rage, and how the bully behaves, neuters and neutralizes them.” 

“Here is how to confront a bully. Step one, identify those bullies in your life. Step two, never expect them to act differently when you talk with them. Never expect them to be decent because that’s not who they are. Step three, always hold a bit of yourself back so that you’re not off balance if the bully tries to provoke you. Finally, when the bully tries to provoke you, look clearly in their eyes. Stare at them firmly.” 

“Don’t try to intimidate them, but hold their gaze. By doing that you are communicating to the bully: ʻYou know and I know what you just did — and it didn’t workʼ. When you communicate that in a measured way, the bully is going to get more agitated. You can then try to engage the bully in a reasonable way or decide to disengage. Tell the bully, ʻIf what you have to say is important, you need to talk to me instead of at me.ʼ You just hold your ground from there.” Could the Golden Heronʼs modus operandi to stand up against Lord Ghoulie and his fellow evil super-villains be described any better than that? 

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