I woke up realizing this week was sparse with posts. I got minor busy with a little project that like all the things I am up to these days will be announced later! (Photo above is a little teaser!) I guess I was all truckered out from all the protest fest of the last few weeks.

So I woke up thinking a little round up would be nice.

Then poopootin was like hold my vodka. FFS WTAF OMFJ

There are no words other that “Fuck you, you sick fucked up mother fucker, what the actual fuck for fucks sake are you fucking serious? What the fuck is wrong with you you sick twisted fuck of a fuck.” I say those words not only too poopootin but also turdes and all the other leaders playing this bullshit game.

Hey NATO we see you too mother fuckers. You are playing just as hard you fucks.

There will never be a right answer and that is the fucking point. You can’t start anything reasonably with “I’m right and this is how it is going to be.” You need to start with the differences and work from there. People will NEVER be on the same page, that’s not how people are, and THAT needs to be where the problem solving comes from, not righteous elitism and pompous BS.

On that note……

So happy I have season 13 of RuPaul.

When I’m feeling dark there is a new season of Young Wallander out. If you are into cop dramas, which normally is not my jam but to be frank, Adam Palsson and his demeanour and voice and accent are enough for me to keep watching.

CBC Gem has another season of Pretty Hard Cases, which is also a cop show, however I enjoy the leads.

At this point ‘actors’ will have to start calling themselves thespians otherwise people will assume they work for Auntie Fa and what not…..According to much of the news it’s those darn bad actors that seem to be the problem… But nobody ever seems to catch, or interview, or even see, or know who these bad ‘actors’ are, so doesn’t that mean the ‘actors’ are doing a good job and they are actually good actors? Also where are all these acting postings and do they pay well? Asking for my unessential actor er thespian friends….?

It’s been cold and that is fine with the sunshine but also……

I guess all the things have decided the humans have not learned the lessons of the last century so instead of ‘lest we forget’ the world of humans seems to be going for ‘let’s redo it all’ as a reminder? coo coo coo coo coo

sigh. sigh. sigh………I’m sure the global fuckatude folks are going through with the pandemic will set us up really well for what’s to come next with all this scheisse…..

Do you pay attention or are you just carrying on and hoping for the best?

Danke for being here,


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